Saturday, March 07, 2009

Talking Back

As usual on the weekends, here are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show this week, edited for space. Please take the listener survey if you are regular listener to the show by scrolling down and clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Titusville, FL (Sirius)
As a fairly independent thinker, and a middle age straight and happily married (to a catholic younger man) jewish mom, I absolutely enjoy listening to this diverse and progressive show run by very capable and interesting people. Thus ends a very long and confusing sentence (but thanks for the great entertainment!).

Augusta, GA (XM)
I think you could prepare better for in-person interviews/debates. You tend to let the other person run roughshod over you without really having any answers to their arguments.

Pilot Mountain, NC (XM)
I love the show, you give us the news that the local news channels don't give us.

Hagerstown, MD (Sirius)
Agree with alot of Michel's thoughts but am not in favor of the way the stimules planis being handled with putting the money in the hands of the CEOs that got us in to this mess to start with.

Arlington, TX (Sirius)
As someone who is trying very hard to have a family as a lesbian couple, your comparing the process of IVF to Frankenstein is not only insensitive, but callous and smacks of misogyny. You've lost a fan, a female fan. [Response from MS: I did not in any way condemn IVF; this is a misunderstanding. Gay and lesbian couples have, in my opinion, been more responsible than straights re: reproduction, including IVF; my point was about OctoMom and her doctor's abuse of the technology.]

Ontario, Canada (XM)
I enjoy Michelangelo's thoughtful consideration of the current issues that affect our community. However, as a Canadian, where is the Canadian content? Canadian stories? Thank-you/merci for listening to my rant! Go get those neo-conservatives!

San Jose, CA (XM)
Thanks for a news-oriented show on OutQ. It's nice to have a block of thoughtful talk in the midst of light-hearted camp.

Houston, TX (Sirius)
I love M's respectful attitude towards people he disagrees with. I don't always agree with him, but enjoy the dialog and the respectful exchange. And yeah, for some reason, his picture is hotter than my mental image was based on his voice.

Fort Drum, FL (Sirius)
I love the show, don't change and I mean that! Fuck these dumb braindead repukelitards KKKons (sorry to be redundant) who hate everything they secretly wish they could admit they are!!! But don't worry, evolution is gonna weed them about soon enough!!!

Alexandria, MN (Sirius)
There should be more respect for people that have not and do not cling to promoted gay themes. I think promoting outing is cheap, flimsy and total Slander. That's not cool for any dudes and its not cool to out gay gangs either. Respect is where its at and always will be. To smear people that are not choosing the same way in anything is very Nazi and that is pushing the "out" group in a corner and they will have done it to themselves. Nobody likes the corner thing. People do not get it up in the same way and that should be respected. Its not hot to be in a corner. Be alright and let others be alright.

Staten Island, NY (Sirius)
I absolutely love your show. You make me laugh and actually make the news entertaining. Keep it up. P.S I love the exorcist music the producer plays in the background.

Rehoboth Beach, DE, (XM)
You ask to many fucking questions.

Fresno, CA (XM)
You're a doll! I first found OutQ two weeks ago when scanning the XM dial and I haven't left. I find your program to be the most informative, and you to be a terrific host. Though today's news seems to be centering around the cratering of the Republican Party via Governor Jindal's sorry TV performance, I am yearning for a stronger critique of the President's inexplicable non-mention of civil rights for anybody, much less gays and lesbians.

Belevedere, CA (Sirius)
I enjoy the show when ever I can catch it. I was very pleased to find the show when we got our last car that included sat-radio. I always used to listen to Air America, et al, but I find your show to cover all the things the other Air America shows did but with much more content that applies to me and my family. I am happily married now to my partner of 23 years and are raising a fantastic child whom we adopted 5 years ago! Keep up the good and interesting work that you do.