Saturday, March 14, 2009

Talking Back

These are some of the listener survey responses I read on the show this week. If you're a listener to the show please take the survey by scrolling down and clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Dayton, OH (Sirius)
I love the show! In my opinion, it is the best political/news/issues talk program available anywhere. Michelangelo has a way of illuminating the hypocrisy inherent in many of the positions of the right (and also of the left, when appropriate) in a way that often has left me slapping my head and muttering something along the lines of, "Of course! Why did I not make that connection!". I love segments with guests and particularly so when the guest is on the opposite side of the fence politically or on a particular issue. I have been listening for about 3 years now and early on, I felt that Michelangelo interrupted his guests and callers too often, but I have come to realize and appreciate the fact that this appears to be only because of his unbridled passion in his beliefs and those issues he finds most important.

Denver, CO (Sirius)
I really enjoy listening the show. I find that there are days that I completely disagree and days where I am right behind your thoughts. The only reason that I really ever turn off the show is when the topic within the context of my day just gets too dark or emotional.

Houston, TX (Sirius)
It's just nice to have a station of "our own" - - - I feel at home when I'm listening.

Staten Island, NY (Sirius)
Love you and the show, just try to keep your cool with the idiots, you're better than them.

Winnipeg, MB, Canada (XM)
I'm a huge fan - I used to listen on Sirius but am thrilled to find you on XM now.

Boston, MA (Sirius)
I Like the show, although sometime you get too opinionated. You don't accept other thoughts if they differ from yours. Being older then some of your listeners I would like a bit more coverage on things effecting the older gay community. Yoour all going to be here some day god willing.

Tinton Falls, NJ (XM)
I am a new listener. I discovered you after America Left took Randi Rhodes off the air. Although, I'm gay I really am not a one issue voter and I love to hear diverse talk about liberal politics. Your show absolutely delivers. I must say that I loved your chat with Lizz Winstead this week and I would if you could have her back on a regular basis. Keep up the great work.

Las Cruces, NM (XM)
I am so glad we now have OutQ on XM. I have been looking forward to it since the merger was announced.

Saratoga Springs, NY (Sirius)
I love your show, DNR, and Frank. sirius put together one awesome team, you each should be very proud. I just want to thank you, so much for being out there leading the way for our community.

Boulder,CO (Sirius)
I could never bring myself to listen to any talk radio before but I am glad I found your's comforting to know that I'm not alone in the way i think and feel.

Val De Oro, TX (Sirius)
I think the show is wonderful, informative, scintilating. however one complaint, the people who complain about certain aspects of show are very petty and trite. To them i say, take what u need and leave the rest!!

Leeper, PA (Sirius)
I love listening to your show. I don't always agree with you on every subject, but I do feel better informed on the issues after listening to your show. If everybody agreed on every issue, then there would be no need for a discussion. I just want to thank you for giving OutQ listerners a forum to discuss the political issues that affect us.

Cedar Rapids, IA (XM)
I'm so glad I can hear you now on XM. I would listen more often if XM offered OutQ online, but in response to my request they merely said there were no such plans to do so. :( [Note from MS: You were misinformed; XM will soon be streaming OutQ.Stay tuned.]

St. Petersburg, FL (XM)
XM listener. We can now get you at work. We listen to OUT Q all day long. Morning Jolt, Frank and Doria and you all have great shows and we enjoy listening to you - Yes, even the straight folks! Our Department is 50% MO! Keep up the great work!