Saturday, March 21, 2009

Talking Back

These are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show this week. As usual, posting on Saturday. If you haven't taken the survey, and are a regular listener to the show, please scroll down and click through on the right. Thanks!

East Hartford, CT (Sirius)
Mr. Signorile seems to be a very good guy who gives his best on the radio day in and day out. He is very witty and intelligent regarding the issues. I have seen him more than hold his own on cable shows with the worst of the worst right wingers too. One criticism is in order. Like most talk show hosts, callers are just there to validate the host's position. As soon as the point is made, callers are quickly shooed off the radio. I do not know why people call back to these shows after they are so quickly discarded by the host. Although Mr. Signorile is guilty of being short with his callers he is not the only host offender on this issue. On balance, however, Mr. Signorile is nicer to his callers than many other hosts are on Out Q. If people take valuable time to call these shows and are put on hold for up to one to hours on some shows, the hosts need to show greater respect and care for their listeners/fans. I love it when you interview right wingers and they call the show and you totally bring then down to small size. It is funny. On some callers, I can see why you want to end their calls--those very pesky right wing Bots who call the show to deliberately start trouble. But, really now, a great show! It is such a great show and that I take so much from it. I hope others do too, and by the way, "Don't drink the Kool-Aid!"

Denver, CO (Sirius)
You said that United Methodist Church is the most gay friendly in the nation. Where do you put Metropolitan Community Church on the spectrum, you pompous ass. [Response from MS: I said United Church of Christ, not the UMC, and I was talking about mainline churches, of which MCC is not one. Maybe you should listen before you hurl names.]

Morristown, NJ (XM)
Michelangolo is great. Smart, cool, collected.

Verona, NY (Sirius)
At first I never really "got" the big deal about satellite radio. Then a friend gave me a radio for my Jeep that was Sirius-ready so I got it and now I can't imagine not having it. I would have to say that the Signorile show is by far my favorite show on OutQ. It's informative yet entertaining at the same time. Keep up the great work! S

Branson, MO (XM)
As a straight ally, I really like staying informed about the issues that effect the LGBT community, and you address them so well. The lighter side of OUTQ is fine for a bit...but your show is very informative and you are obviously well researched. Injustice is simply unacceptable in my book, and I'm fighting here in Missouri!! Keep up your calm, cool, collected approach's refreshing!

Glendale, CA (XM)
I am glad that you are now on XM. The show is outstanding and very thought provoking. It is a great balance to the Limbaugh's, Hanity's, and Coulter's of the world that somehow thing that the way to get a point across is to talk loudly say only hateful things. Yours is a real discussion and you are to be congratulated for having the discussion. Keep it up.

Boynton Beach, FL (Sirius)
Please go after the crazy right talk shows. Laura Ingram is an idiot. She's saying Obama is lying to us and he is stealing money from the bailouts. Can't anyone stop them f rom lying. Don't get me started on Rush. I live near him and HATE HIM.

Atlanta, GA (Sirius)
My partner and I fight over your show all the time. I absolutely love listening to your thought-provoking commentary, and my partner can't stand you! He says you are a whining, negative queen who just rants on about one subject over and over -- and of course I couldn't disagree more. I've tried to get him to listen to at least one full hour with me and he gets mad and changes the channel to BPM. However, I noticed if I send him quick little video links he seems to watch them. Perhaps I'll convert him yet! Keep up the good work and thanks for being such a strong voice for us. By the way, your last appearance on CNN was great.

White Plains, NY (Sirius)
Hello Michelangelo, Just wanted to say that your show has been a wonderful inspiration for me in that it has caused me to "stand up more" (I am disabled in a wheelchair) and fight for the issues that are important to the LGBT Community. I enjoy your no nonsense attitude in approaching the issues and standing firm in what you believe! You are a remarkable voice in our community and hope I can gain more "strength/insight as I listen more to you. Keep up the great work!

Silver City, NV (Sirius)
Love the show. I listen as often as I can and I always try to turn on your program when there is something BIG hitting the news, especially right wing controversy and hypocrisy. You are honest, thoughtful, and you don't try to spin the topics unlike much of the main stream media. I like that I can listen to your program when something in the news smells fishy and some group is covering the odor with propaganda and BS. You're good at clearing the air and exposing the stink!

Tolovana Park, OR (Sirius)
Michael, I love your show.I live in a small town on the Oregon coast and am culturally deprived. I am originally from NJ and am of Italian decent so I am starved for good food and gossip.I found the station by accident. I was stuck in traffic and was pushing buttons and came across Derrick and Romaine and Derrick was going off about blow jobs so I was immediately hooked. And then I was looking for their show again and heard you and it was right in the thick of the election and I was hooked again. I even have gotten my husband to listen to Out Q now.