Sunday, March 29, 2009

Talking Back

These are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show last week. If you're a listener to the show, and haven't taken the listener survey, please do so by scrolling down and clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Antioch, CA (XM)
the liberal garbage makes me hate this show but makes me want to listen for short periods of time just to get my blood pressure up.

Denver, CO (XM)
I find Michelanglo to be a very intelligent and well informed person. He has brought my informational level of the gay world to new heights and I appreciate that.

Tampa, FL (XM)
When I originally decided to purchase satalite radio I chose Sirius because they offered Out Q. I drive truck and listen to Out Q almost exclusively. I love all three of the daily show. I think Micheal Angelo does a wonderful job and wouldn't change a single aspect of his show. I realize that isn't too insightful, but I really think he does a fantastic job!!!

Ottawa, ON, Canada (Sirius)
Mike... You are great. I will say: try incredibly hard to ensure you hear all aspects of an issue. I will say: some other callers have expressed concern about when you dismiss them (hang up) on them, you do sometimes hear a point, comment on it by counteracting what they are saying, and then hang up on them before they can clarify further. This is frustrating. But all in all, Mike you are very thoughtful and highly intelligent, and make some incredible points that we all need to think about.

Fresno, CA (Sirius)
I swear Michelangelo is my long lost twin! Nearly every comment he makes is a comment I would make. Its like we're sharing the same brain waves. Thank you very much for providing such an insightful intellectual talk show regarding gay issues. We need more people speaking out, like Michealangelo does, in order to teach people the truth about our community and reduce ignorance within our country. Thank you for everything you do. You are truly an inspiration.

St. Petersburg, FL (Sirius)
Hi Michael, I have always loved your show ad have called in several times. The most surprising thing I found today when I signed onto your website for the first time is that you look nothing like what I pictured you to look like through hearing you on the radio. are hot! :-) Thanks for the great show.

Austin, TX (XM)
Mike - I'm a longtime enthusiast of your show. I wish I could enjoy it during my drive time. I think the world of the other hosts, but I appreciate most of all your contributions to our community and the sheer entertainment I receive when you effortlessly discredit the very morale fiber of the guests that have constipated our society for far too long.

Standardsville, VA (XM)
I am a writer. Mr. Signorile's show is like a devine wind. I very much enjoy the intelligent, no craziness, mature, approach. As a writer, I'd like to hear more about the work gay writers are doing on the internet in an effort to expand what's written, known, and accepted about gay men, the LGBT community. I work very hard to offer mature and intelligent prose concerning male to male love. . We all can not be ditsy queens, joking about our lives, when so many of our lives turn tragic, because no one knows who we really are. My best wishes for more of a good thing.

El Paso, TX (XM)
report news not so pro obama he really does not like us. Stop drinking the Obama koolaid and start commenting on rality not on how we would like it to be. I enjoy your programming and your humor. I agreed with you back in the day when you were outing people who needed to be outed.

Detroit, MI (Sirius)
Michaelangelo is a good host and provides excellent commentary. His opinions are well thought out and his delivery is both articulate and thought provoking. Unfortunately, his style when working with issues not related to the GLBT Community is not well honed. Michaelangelo discusses topics in a manner that frames them as either completely correct or completely incorrect. Topics like governmental oversight, discharge of employees for cause, and the like are good topics for discussion, but Mr. Signorile is in danger of alienating some of his audience and losing credibility with tactics that do not appear to be at least open to listening to other points of view. Further, I have heard Mr. Signorile engage in some almost Republican-like fear mongering in the past. You can't criticize one side for doing this and then turn around and use the same tactic and expect to maintain credibility. Make sure you avoid any appearance of this type of behavior.

Oneonta, NY (Sirius)
I love the show and have been listening for the past few months. I live in a small town and there are very queer people here. I work for a construction company. The guys that i work with are very homophobic and racist. Your show gives me a great outlet to be true to me. The only thing that i can say negitive about the show is how gay and lesbian based it is. Im a trans guy and i know that you cant make everyone happy. I would like to hear about more trans stuff. Or just try to be more trans incusive. Thanks i do love the show.T

Phoenix, AZ (Sirius)
I love your show!!! My husband and I had to buy a house radio so we could hear your show! You are smart, funny, and charming. But I think the funniest thing is when you say anything referring to the male part or even say a cuss word. You can tell how you how saying such words. I would love see you have Ann Coulter, Bill O'Riley, Shawn Hannity, Lou Dobbs,and Keith Oberman to thank him for being a great friend to us!. I think all of these would be great interviews!!!!

Batavia, IL (XM)
i especially love your smart, witty discussions. today, i particularly enjoyed the legislator who wants to not teach "GAY" you were extremely polite and gracious to this person. i also enjoyed the discussion with the author of the book regarding levittown. i ran out and bought the book and i am fascinated with it! i want you to know, that i thoroughly enjoy your show and derek and romaine and also the frank decaro show. sometimes they really put me in a great place with laughter--once, frank made me blow dr. pepper out of my nose, as i drove on the interstate 294. oh, did i just say blow dr. pepper...oops! well, i am sure that you know what i meant...anyway--i love xm98 so much that i have 4 presets set to xm98.