Friday, April 17, 2009

Palin's Antigay Nominee Rejected

Sarah Palin suffered a big loss as the Senate and House for the first time in Alaska history rejected the governor's attorney general nominee yesterday.

Anthony Wayne Ross (whose initials," WAR," graced his license plate, while his wife's plates blared "MRS WAR") had refused to disavow his statements that gays are "degenerates" and "immoral" and he'd called abortion "killing kids," among other things:

"I believed I knew what Alaskans wanted when I selected an individual who is a strong backer of Second Amendment rights, a staunch supporter of the state Constitution and a defender of life," Palin said in a statement.
"I'm surprised that legislators in this case really did not seem to represent their constituents and allowed themselves to be swayed by side issues," she said.

Mostly, it seems many Democrats who previously worked with her on issues as well as members of her own party are sick and tired of seeing Palin posturing for national office, supporting wingnuts and not accomplishing anything in this session in her state. As the news came down, she was in Indiana, speaking to an antiabortion group!

Meanwhile, Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele, at that very same antiabortion event in Indiana with Palin, called Palin one of the party's leaders, which will certainly fuel some of the speculation -- which you might remember I was presented with on CNN a couple of weeks ago, responding with a laugh -- that they might run together, a Palin-Steele 2012 ticket:

During a news conference before the dinner, Steele cited Palin among other prominent party figures, including former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and two congressmen, Eric Cantor and Mike Pence.

Boy is this going to be fun.