Saturday, April 04, 2009

Saturday Talk Back

These are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show this week, edited for space. If you're a listener and haven't taken the survey, please do so by scrolling down and clicking on the right. Thanks!

Iraq (Sirius)
Two weeks of heaven. I had two weeks at home on leave from Iraq (second tour). Thanks you so much for the intelligent, thoughtful conversation. Loved hearing about the RAT in your apartment, KnightsOUT, multiple states opening their thinking, interposing of speach, Doggy Pampering, and every other thing you had to say. After a year in Iraq, your show put a huge smile on my face yet again. Also, your debate with the legislator from TN and your debate  with the RNC Chairman from FL proves yet again the RNC is on the ropes and we are starting to win. I wanted to tell you more than anything the KnightsOUT and Marriage Survey segments were my favorite. I got Twitter so I can try and follow you for the next 2 months as I finish up my tour in Iraq knowing that I cannot get Sirius in iraq. I wanted to add, regarding your thoughts about nature versus nurture: I agree that the science leads me to believe that nature is the truth, but the fact remains that even if it is chosen like one's religion it should still be protected. You are one of the few people that point that out time and again. THANK YOU!

Virginia Beach, VA (Sirius)
Please keep up the good work....engage more of the neocons and religious right(wrong) and continue to expose all things of related to hate and the myths of hate.

Solon, OH ( XM)
After watching MILK, I think it's time for a major march on Washington. I think the movement has gotten passive and we have limited sight on gay rights. We can't just be concerned about marriage and have to really see the big picture and not feel like we will always have to fight for every individual right that anyone in this country should have. I want there to come a point when our rights are not a question anymore. When we won't have to think about it just like straight people. For that to happen we can't hide anymore. We really need to show our numbers Thank you for what you do.

Rossville, MN (Sirius)

Ortley Beach, NJ (XM)
I was suprised to see a good looking man behind this voice, which I thought was an middle aged nerd with a black comb over and bottle thick glasses, but styling in a designer suit, lavender shirt, and navy blue thick tie. PS your show is great!

Monmouth, NJ (Sirius)
I purchased a lifetime subscription to Sirius back in 2005 because Sirius offered OutQ in their channel lineup. The one show that I tune into every day is the Michaelangelo Signorile Show, because of the content. I know that Michaelangelo is going to have discussions from the latest news, topics affecting the LGBT communities, and guests who speak their minds, pro and con, regarding issues touching our lives every day. I think The Michaelangelo Signorile Show has got it right. Sometimes I want to scream at the radio! Sometimes I want to cheer! Thankyou to Michaelangelo, David, and everyone there that makes this show so great.

Las Vegas, NV (XM)
This survey is PERSONAL! lol Sure you don't want to ask cock size too? HA

Corning, NY (Sirius)
Being a Sirius listener for over 1 year, when the 2008 election took place, and wanting more info on prop 8, I became a listener to find info that was important to gays in CA and myself being from NY. As a single, father, gay, truck driver, I want to be an activist, Sirius radio does offer a great deal of info to meet my needs. The Michelangelo Signorile Show gave me the info I needed at a time of need. To me The Michelangelo Signorile Show indeed is where I find myself drawn to each day to keep in touch with the right, left and middle of the road facts offered in life around me.

Albuquerque, NM (XM)
I'm fairly right compared to Michaelangelo but I consider myself more Libertarian than Republican. While I disagree with him, I still listen for intellectual stimulation.

Marquette, MI (Sirius)
Love the show Mike. I think you have it pretty well dialed in. Keep working hard, we all appreciate it!

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Sirius)
I love the interviews and the listener call ins. Normally, I don't care what other people think but your listeners (for the most part) seem to have some intelligent things to add to the discussions. You should sell tapes of your shows so people can share the ideas and arguments with family and friends who have no way of listening.

Temple, TX (XM)
It's nice to see that there's someone that can show that LGBTQ folks can be SERIOUS and we're not all fluff and f'ing this and f'ing that. Thank you.

Kansas City, MO (Sirius)
I appreciate your show most for your coverage of current new issues affecting the gay community. Every once in a while, you piss me off, such as you badgering of Rachel Maddow when she was a guest on your show. And I have far less interest in trivial "scandal" features, such as the Anna Nicole Smith/Larry Burkhead/Howard Smith feature. Who cares? Far better to give airtime to the fantastic 17 year old boy who testified before the Vermont Senate. Nevertheless, you're an important and public Voice for gay people. I've followed your career both in print and radio, and I deeply appreciate your energy and leadership.