Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Talk Back

These are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show this week, edited for space. If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey, please do so by scrolling down on the right. Thanks!

Urbandale, IA (XM)
I have been waiting for OutQ to come to XM since the merger and I have not been disappointed. I started listening to OutQ since the first day and it is by far the channel I listen to the most. I find most of your discussions quite engaging. I like that there is an emphasis on gay-themed topics and/or the gay perspective, but also like that it is not EXCLUSIVELY gay themed. In other words, it's wonderful that you talk about what is in the news and what is on people's minds, whether or not there is a gay angle to it You do your homework and it shows. I would like to see a bit more of the occasional fluff/silly piece (for just a few minutes) for the sake of comic relief in these troubled times. One criticism: Your listener survey does not have Spell-Check. [Note from MS: You're right about the spell-check, and we all make mistakes. I will do a spell-check of all the comments from now on before posting.]

Groton, CT (XM)
The show is interesting. In my view it would be even better if you stuck to current news and issues and told us less about your new sneakers or the mouse in your apartment. The day you dedicated so much time on the mouse issue I would have preferred to be at the dentist having a root canal.

Siloam Springs, AR (Sirius)
I am especially proud to find you on TV news offering your point of view.

Fort Worth TX, (XM)
Since I live in Texas & right-wingers surround me, I like to listen to the show so I can get talking points when I have to get in political discussions with those morons!!!!

Rural Retreat, VA (Sirius)
Please don't forget that country fags can be just as progressive as city fags.

Upper Sandusky, OH (XM)
I've only just recently discovered the show and I love listening to it every time I'm in the car. I feel like the topics and issues that are discussed are aimed specifically at me. All the discussions are topics that I want to hear about, and topics that are important to me. Thanks for putting on such an amazing show, and I wouldn't want you to change anything!
Tokyo, Japan (Sirius)
Sirius came with my car when I bought it about 2 years ago. I didn't discover OutQ until about 6 months later. I was driving over the course of the year from southern California up to Vancouver, across to Ottawa, and finishing in Miami as a part of my work, spending several months in a few major cities along the way. Several of these drives were 10 plus hours in one day, and when I got tired of the music channels I accidentally found OutQ and became addicted. I grew to enjoy your show so much that I started to tune in online while at work. I even called in a few times when I was particularly steamed or intrigued by a subject. Four months ago I was transferred to Tokyo, Japan for work. As you can imagine getting any kind of US news is difficult except by way of Internet and International CNN (which in itself is a very different view of the world). It took me awhile to adjust to the Japanese world, and eventually I began listening to the online Sirius on a regular basis. I can’t always catch your show since my work schedule doesn’t always allow the time to tune in for the replay, and the live version comes on at 3am local time here. It always brightens, or enlightens my day when I get to listen to your program even though I am no longer able to interact since it is a replay I am listening to and not a live broadcast. Although occasionally I may not agree with your take on a particular subject, I like and respect that you do make a decent argument for your opinion for a community. Although it seems like you are getting there, I really wish you were more mainstream and front and center to get your opinions and ideas out to the masses. Keep up the good work!

Hartford, CT (Sirius)
The show is so-so. Compared to the other lame shows, it is okay, but not great. It is obviously much deeper than the Fox "News" claptrap or the idiocy found on Joe Scarborough's morning show, but that is not saying much. I find the show very entertaining though and like the counter-attacks on the right wing on this program. This show is not afraid to go after the right wing idiots.

Rio Rancho, NM (XM)
I enjoy listening to the show. I always feel more informed after listening to the show and having political news explained in a way that makes sense. I appreciate hearing differing points of views and respectful debates. The worst thing a talk radio host can do is to invite someone on their show just so they can attack them.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (Sirius)
Your interviews are great, but sometimes you get just a bit too confrontational with your guests. They have a point of view; you should respect it on the air as you might expect them to respect yours.

Rutland, VT ( Sirius)
I love your show and look forward to listening every chance I get. I'm a lesbian who feels VERY isolated where I live, so it's comforting to have access to OUTQ. I subscribed to Sirius just for OUTQ. Thank you for all you do.

Dallas, TX (XM)
I think that this show has changed a lot for the better in just the past two weeks. I think Signorile strongest suit is playing devil's advocate, and I would really like to go through a segment and not have a clue about his personal thoughts. I think that he does articulate opposing viewpoints very well, and I like this aspect of the show. At times, I find his opinions personally confounding because they are so internally inconsistent, but I have seen a lot less of that in the past two to three weeks -- I had almost written the show off because I didn't care for the style of the host, but I think it has changed in some subtle way, and I do stay tuned to the show most of the time. To be fair, I usually tune out only if it's a topic that I either have only a tangential interest in or that I have heard beaten to death. I think in particular, his discussions on the Texas woman who wanted to preserve her son’s sperm were very well reasoned, and I think it's a good example of what a great talk show should do. Thanks for making it worth hanging in there.

San Diego, CA (Sirius)
I wish I could listen all day! Although, I have to say my husband is so glad I can't because I learn so much from your show, I regularly come home all worked up about one issue or another! Keep it up, we have to stay informed and I know no one else is telling us the truth!

Milwaukee WI (Sirius)
I think you and Rush have much in common. I know you both are really entertainers, but you try to come off as political talking heads. You both go after the other side for exactly the same stuff you defend your own side for. It is hard to take either of you seriously. If you are going to dislike a trait in someone then do so across the board. Don't hate the right for it and defend it in the left. But you can still be fun to listen to, so thanks for your hard work.

Maryville, TN (Sirius)
You know I love your show, but here's there is some extra info I'd like: 1. I'd like David to post the names of the various music he uses for his bumpers and intros. 2. I don't always get to listen to all the news around the world, but you find some pretty interesting stuff. I would like to know more. Can David post a reference for those and post a reference the music in Clips of the Week on your website? 3. When you interview an author about a new book, could post the author and book name on your website? 4. What is the name of the piece you play in your intro that has the didgeridoo in it? It's cool. Your program as well as QutQ News presents a wealth of information, but there is no way to ever reference it again. The bumper music and Clips of the Week is a great artistic production, but, it to can only be enjoyed once and then it's gone forever. Bitches, please archive this stuff for your listeners to access! Love you!