Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Talk Back

Some of the listener survey comments that I read on the show this week. If you're a listener to the show, and haven't taken the survey, please do so by scrolling down and clicking through on the right.

Fayetteville, North Carolina (Sirius)
I like Michelangelo’s show because he shows that there is more to gay/bisexual men than sex. He has intelligent conversations and introduces thought-provoking ideas that get people talking. It is a great platform to debate the issues of the day.

West Lafayette, IN (XM)
Please stop mispronouncing the last name of Rush Limbaugh. Trust me, the man is the anti-Christ, but when you purposely mispronounce his last name, you give the "Right" more ammunition against you. Think about how much MORE powerful you would be with insightful commentary on how ridiculous and dangerous Rush is. It's LIMbaw (like 'caw'), not limBUH (like 'duh'). Take the high road. It's worth it. And please let your callers complete their thoughts; you are smart enough to know if they are going to drag or make a point. I listen to OutQ at least 2 hours a day and appreciate your work. Let Morning Jolt be hateful and be the even toned (and openly gay) journalist that Anderson Cooper could be.

Dallas TX, (XM)
I love your show! It is so refreshing to be able to engage in dialogue with other listeners and to have someone so well informed as you to guide the discussion and encourage all of us to consider all sides of an issue.

Douglasville, GA (XM)
Hi Michelangelo: Of all of the people I've listened to, you are the one I wish I had been a lifelong friend with. I admire your intelligence and your ability to stay focused during a heated debate, and never lose your cool.

Springfield, MI (Sirius)
I like the show pretty well, and think it's going in a good direction. I do wish that there was maybe a little bit more news, and interviews, but I do admit I usually only get to listen to the first hour. Maybe that goes on later in the show, and I just miss it.

Bakersfield, CA (XM)
I like the show. Listen as I drive around town. Thoughtful commentary, good interviews.

Manchester, NH (XM)
I enjoy how M.S. presents the information and the analysis of it. He handles the callers and guests very professionally, and courageously. It is a pleasure to listen to the show. Oh, and I saw him for the first time on CNN. OMG, he is really attractive.

El Faisan, Villa de Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico (Sirius)
More information on how to contact the shows when you do not have access to toll free numbers (there are international audiences). So far, I've found the show to have substance and I'm enjoying it. Is there space for international gay news commentary? We're a global society and including this could reduce the amount of repetition on the station. Thanks for taking the time to read this and keep up the great work! I'll be listening.

Mesa, AZ (Sirius)
I love listening to mike. I think he is the greatest news MAN .

Newbury, OH (XM)
Very intelligent if not somewhat biased commentary and analysis. please never stop the flow of information. you are my hero of the air. I wouldn't need satellite radio if it weren't for you--and you should let them know that!

Coventry, RI (XM)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that OutQ radio is now on XM!!! Especially love the Michael Signorile show -- intelligent discourse and news that I can use! Have listened to many shows on OutQ for the past several months. All the shows are really fun, but Michael Signorile gets kudos and top billing in my book for educating and informing. Can't thank him enough for the service he provides to the LGBT community each and every day.

Bismarck, ND (XM)
I'm a gay conservative independent. Some days you really piss me off. But I still come back and listen.

Atlanta, GA (XM)
Totally love the sound bytes, especially when you host a contest to name them (Barbara Bush!). And enjoy hearing David/Aaron laugh in the background. Keep up the good work!

Boston, MA (Sirius)
The show is great, but sometimes Michelangelo takes LONG pauses, so long that I think there might be something wrong with my radio...I have actually changed the channel to make sure my unit was not on the fritz. I know he works hard in preparing for the show, but the dead air bugs the hell out of me. Other than that great job.

Las Vegas, NV (Sirius)
Really love listening. Am in my car all day picking up medical specimens and find the show very informative. Love when Mike is talking about something and a sound byte rings in! Like quotes from Sarah and the witch dr. LOL. Keep up the good work and cut Obama a little slack, all things in good time.

Atlanta, GA (XM)
At first I didn't care much for the show. I'm an original XM listener and stumbled across OutQ. However, after giving the show a few listens, I really came to enjoy the program and respect the opinion of Michelangelo and the guests he has on.

Winston, Salem NC (XM)
I'm a 58-year-old gay man who has been waiting for this station for 40 years.