Friday, June 19, 2009

A March On Washington

There's been lots of discussion, and some dissent, about Cleve Jones' call for a March on Washington this October. Those who listen to the show know that I have thought we should march since the day Obama took office, having both a Democratic Congress and president, and seeing a window, an opportunity we might not have again soon. The date, however, is something I've been concerned about, thinking October was was too soon and not a good idea that Congress would not be in session (Columbus Day weekend).

But certainly the idea of the march has picked up much momentum in recent weeks, and I think people are less concerned with the date and more concerned with just getting there and being heard. At least that's how I'm feeling. I'm going to hash around these ideas with Cleve and hopefully he can persuade me further, as well as many of you. He joins me in studio at 4:20 ET and we will be taking calls during the interview throughout the hour so call in with your thoughts, ideas and questions for Cleve.

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