Friday, June 19, 2009

Obama Cheerleader Now Excoriates the President

Stampp Corbin came on the show back during the Democratic primaries, representing the Obama campaign in our LGBT Caucus (you many remember Hilary Rosen came on as a supporter of Hillary Clinton, debating the issues).

Stampp was the co-chair of Obama's LGBT Leadership Council and was a committed and fierce advocate for Barack Obama. I saw him at the Democratic National Convention, and he was doing his usual cheerleading for Obama. But no more.

Stampp Corbin has written a piece headlined, The DOMA Brief Ruined Everything, attacking the President for the DOMA brief and also pulling out of that DNC fundraiser, which is getting pretty damned lonely these days.

Says Stampp:

Mr. President, your DOMA mistake awakened a sleeping giant. He is mad as hell and is not going to take it anymore. You better get LGBT affirming legislation moving quickly or the coffers of the LGBT community will be slammed shut on the fingers of your administration and the DNC. You and the DNC may find themselves asking about our donations “if not now, when” as we have been asking about our rights for the last few months.

Indeed, the anger is only building, and the president and Democrats need to do much more.