Thursday, July 02, 2009

Deborah: The Video

Today I replayed my now classic discussion with the notorious "Deborah from Atlanta" from August 2007. She has become a bizarre star on the show ever since. Many new listeners, particularly XM listeners who only joined us this year, have asked and asked for us to replay the call. They hear the clips from her, particularly, "Mr. Michelangelo, Did your Momma give you that name?" and wondered where it came from. Well, today I replayed it so everyone would have some context -- and boy did the phones just get completely jammed. She's horrifying, insane, outrageous and immensely entertaining. Radio gold, as they say.

I talked about how she became such an instant legend on the show that a listener, Chris in Sacramento, made a video with some great images and a laugh track -- he was so horrified by her, particularly her comments on immigrants, since he is of Mexican descent -- because he felt it made her less dangerous and more ridiculous. Now everyone has written today wanting to see the video! So, here it is. Just one other thing: Deborah has tried to call the show ever since this call in the summer of 2007, using different names and trying to temper herself a bit. But we're always able to call her out.