Saturday, July 04, 2009

Saturday Back Talk

These are some of the listener survey comments I read this week on the show. If you haven't taken it, and are a listener to the show, please do so clicking through the link on the right. Thanks!

Punxsutawney, PA (Sirius)
DO NOT listen to the people who ask you to stop criticizing the president!!! Whether we like a political figure or not it is our civic responsibility to hold them accountable. We need our media to ask more questions and drink less cocktails...we need our activist groups to do the same. There is too much at stake. What we don't need is people complaining about accountability and asking us to wait our turn on the legislative agenda. I don't care if it has been 6 months, 6 days, or six years we must sustain pressure on the politicians that we helped to elect to avoid being ignored or brushed aside.

We all like Obama on the left; but, that doesn't mean he becomes a perfect politician...I think your tone on these issueas has been absolutely spot on! Don't stop asking the hard questions. We certainly don't need you to drink the Kool-Aid!

Weathersfield, VT (XM)

Generally I do think you are an intelligent guy, but I disagree with most of what you say. Your monologues can turn into prolonged whiny liberal rants at times.

Denver, CO (Sirius)
I enjoy your show when I hear it, but I find your dead air (gaps between thoughts) distracting.

Sugar Valley, GA (Sirius)
Since you have lots of trucker listeners, how about a short segment each week dedicated to gay and Lesbian and Trans truckers? I know we are out there and we need an outlet.

McAllen, TX (XM)
I really enjoy the show. I would like to hear differing opinions than those of michael from others there on the show. More of a debate style, if you will.

Eufaula, AL (Sirius)

It's interesting and ironic that your topic today is about health insurance. I recently got laid off and my insurance is about to expire. I qualify for COBRA, but at almost $500 a month that is not possible (remember I'm unemployed).

I have pre-existing conditions (hiv and high cholesterol) but am in great shape. I work out, eat right and take care of myself. No one will insure me. Apparently there is a clearing house for insurance underwriters and they can share my medical history in order to underwrite a policy for me, so it makes no difference who I try to go through.

I never really thought about this until it happened to me. They won't cover me AT ALL. I thought that I might have to wait 12 months before they would cover my pre-existing conditions, but they are all able to deny me coverage across the board.

West New York, NJ (XM)
The show is too PC and MS and many callers are so 'sensitive' when it comes to gay issues such as Perez Hilton and BRUNO. Get a backbone! Learn to laugh at yourselves! .

Goodlettesville, TN (Sirius)
Love the show. I find myself quoting it as a source quite often.

Longview, TX (XM)
Enjoy your show - as it gives me a chance to think through the day's issues. I'm still closeted and so your show and others really help me.

Palm Springs, CA (XM)

I think Michelangelo's news analysis is smart. I'd listen to him even if he weren't gay (but it's a bonus hearing someone like myself).

Wilton Manors, FL (Sirius)
I LOVE the sound effects - there should be more of them. They are truly hilarious!

San Jose, CA (Sirius)

I know others have brought this to your attention, but perhaps I can frame the feedback in another more constructive way. You really are a master at overemphasizing a point to an extent that one is almost compelled to yell back at the radio "SHUT THE FUCK UP ... WE GOT IT!" I really do love your show and look forward to listening. Keep up the great work Mike. (And no, don't tell me to change the channel and come back later. Just SHUT THE FUCK UP).

Salt Lake City, UT (Sirius)
I LOVE the show and look forward to hearing the news that would never be heard in Utah! Your insight, with a bright, well read spin. THANKS!

Fremont, CA (Sirius)
I love that you hold your ground when you feel a certain way. At the same time I feel that you are open minded enough to change your mind if someone can give you details of which you were unaware.