Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Back Talk

Some of the the listener survey comments I read on the show this week. If you're a listener to the show and have not taken the survey please do so by clicking through on the link to the right. Thanks!

Yorba Linda, CA (Sirius)
Michelangelo is a refreshing voice of reason in a time of extremism on both ends of the spectrum. While my thoughts and opinions often tend to be more conservative than Michelangelo's,I LOVE the way he articulates his case and often times his thoughts cause me to challenge and change my way of thinking. For the record I am a 36 year old man living with my partner of 8 years. Together we are raising my 16 year old son from a previous marriage. We live in Orange County California which is the heartland of the Republican Party in our state.

Conventry, CT (Sirius)
While I think the introduction of the iPhone App is a great thing, I would love to see a Blackberry app come out as well, I know the iPhone is seemingly the trendy way to go, but I can't advocate buying something that expensive. In closing, thank you all for the job you do, It's nice to see someone combat the right wing and actually put a dent.

Kansas City, MO (Sirius)
I dig your show, but sometimes you go on long rants. I do like your show though.

Cathedral City, CA (XM)
I like listening to news shows, and your show focusing on glbt issues is a godsend. (yes, an agnostic used the word sue me.) I look forward to hearing you whenever I can, so I downloaded the SiriusXM app for my iPhone.

Wilmer, AL (Sirius)
I've been listening for several years (as does my spouse). We enjoy your show very much.I have a helpful comment concerning your "pregnant pauses" which seem to irritate some listeners. Could you have unobtrusive music constantly playing? Something subtle... loud enough to let people know that their radios are still functioning... but at a low volume... as not to interfere with discussion... That might squelch all those lag naggers.

Tampa, FL (Sirius)
Listened today to the comment about pauses. What pauses? I never noticed. I'd rather have some pauses while you collect thoughts than listen the mindless chatter to fill every moment we often get on radio or TV.

Pittsburgh, PA (Sirius)
Michelangelo your show is fantastic! Thanks for presenting the issues in a very intelligent way! I'm totally hooked on your show! Keep the good stuff coming.

Lyman, SC (XM)
I thought it interesting that you had so many callers asking why you were discussing Perez Hilton and yet they kept discussing him. If you hadn't gotten any calls then wouldn't you have dropped the subject. Your callers may want to keep that in mind in future.

Kalamazoo, MI (Sirius)
Love the show, I think you do a nice job and have used many of your talking points in discussions with coworkers and friends. One sometimes annoying thing is that occasionally I can hear you (or someone else) typing in the background while talking to your listeners. It is not that I do not expect you to be typing, but it is the noise, it is just distracting.

Washington, DC (Sirius)
I love your show, Sirius has me as a subscriber only because of you. I find you a bit liberal for my taste but if I agreed with everything you said I would not listen to you. You changed my mind on hate crimes legislation. The one thing I would say, at 31, is that I feel entitled to all of my rights.

San Diego, CA
I think that Michelangelo is the HOTTEST man alive!!! I love hearing his voice!!! It is so sexy!!!!! I would love to be able to watch him on MSNBC!

Toledo, OH (Sirius)
I would love it if you were to somehow publish your daily show as a podcast, perhaps only for Sirius Premium subscribers. I don't know if it would be feasible, but I would listen to you more frequently if I could do so on my schedule.

Denver, CO (Sirius)
Great show, I try to listen as often as I can. I am a rabid liberal, and I appreciate you that you hold both sides accountable for their speech and actions. I wish you posted more videos on your YouTube channel of the show.

Minneapolis, MN (Sirius)
That Mike is one hottie! If I could, I would listen to him all night long talking with with his hot heavy breath right on the microphone. But my partner probably would be annoyed. I love your show! You're the best. That's why I bought a 3 year subscription. I sit in my car on my breaks when I am at work and listen to Michelangelo.

Oceanside, CA (Sirius)
I am an over the road truck driver and have been listening since "the beginning" and have learned a lot from you.I had commented on twitter about being only to handle you in small doses because sometimes I become so overwhelmed by it all I feel like I am going to have a heart attack. That is mainly because I am horrified at how we are progressing in activism and I feel powerless because I am stuck in a job I hate that only allows me to go home once a month for a couple days when everyone who knows me personally knows I am a loud mouthed outspoken individual who enjoys leading protests and being seen and heard! I believe I have never not agreed with any thing you have ever said on your show. Thank you for being there and in a way I feel like I kind of live a little vicariously through your show and your books.