Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Back Talk

These are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show this week. If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey please do so by scrolling down at the right and clicking through. Thanks!

Jeffersonville, IN (XM)
You are picky on those that call in / seem like your screener picks the one that always agrees with your topic. And if a disagreeable caller gets off tract with the subject matter you stop them.

When you are reading from your script (is what it sound like your doing on your program) you are going so fast a person is lost on what you are discussing.

That crazy lady you have recording of, well I am embarrassed to have her claim to be republican. I would think they would be some of them on the left side to.

Usually the first hour of your show am changing channel. Is when you really ramble and do not make sense. Can go on about more topics but I really don't think you even read these comments so I am thinking I am waisting my time typing this now.

So if you got this far have a good day and don't be such a hateful person.

Riverview, FL (Sirius)
I love the show and am delighted to listen to it with my partner in my car during our weekday lunch breaks which we take together while I'm in a job search since losing my job late last year.

Dearborn Heights, MI (Sirius)
I always appreciate Michael's thoughtful take on current issues and his willingness to take on difficult topics, however he does sometimes tend to cut off callers before they are able to explain their perspective.

Orlando, FL (Sirius)
Mike is great. I'm not much a fan of the sound effects. I just sometimes find them inappropriate and somewhat annoying, especially during a serious discussion.

Gainsville, FL (Sirius)
I am a new listener to Sirius OutQ. I don't know why people complain about silence or background noise. If they are that annoyed by it then turn down the radio or take the hearing aids out. I am 26 and it doesn't matter what kind of background noise there is or if you pause... I am glad you are on air for the GLBTQ community. I am following you on twitter now which I didn't even know about until Sirius OutQ.

Weatherford TX, (Sirius)
I'm still a huge fan. I enjoy the format of the show, with news first and of course your introduction to the hour ahead. This let's me know what's ahead in case I have to be out of my truck. I'm still concerned with peoples picky and ridiculous complaints about your so called "pregnant pauses." Have listened to interviews about speech on N.P.R. and have learned that this shows cognition. The time you take to organize your thoughts or emphasize a point gives me the appropriate time to digest what your saying.

If I was to critique, I would say that you speak too softly at times which leaves me turning up my radio to hear you. It may just be that you guys keep the mic levels to low for you. It's not a huge problem, (love it when you say that word) but, it's been consistent since I've been listening. You'll still have to beat me to keep me away, the discussions, interviews and analysis are so relevant and I feel a strong connection.

Indianapolis, IN (Sirius)
Just keep up the good work, pushing for our equality in all 50 states in all things! thanks for all you do to provoke thought!!

Petaluma, CA (XM)
Michael Angelo facilitates a thoughtful discussion of the relevant news topics gay and otherwise. I recently become a listener when I purchased a new car. Now I can't live without it! Keep up the great work, and I promise not to drink the cool aid Mike.

Dallas, TX (Sirius)
You are absolutely amazing! I listen to the original show and then leave the radio on at night; I wake up, listen, and your soothing voice puts me right back to sleep (with a smile on my face and a stirring in the lower regions!)