Monday, August 03, 2009

UH Coach Suspended for "F" Bomb

We talked a lot about this on Friday on the show, with the consensus being that the guy should be fired for having used the word "faggot" three times derogatorily: University of Hawaii coach Greg McMackin has now been suspended for 30 days without pay: given a 7 percent pay cut to his $1.1 million salary; and will make a PSA with the LGBT group. Some of the money saved will go toward paying an intern to work at the LGBT group. Now we'll see what the Western Athletic Conference does in terms of a reprimand.

I'm glad he's losing some money but wonder if you all think he got off easy or if this is how he would be treated if he made a slur against any other group. We'll get into it on the show.

UPDATE: McMackin breaks down crying in yet another apology. LGBT groups say they're satisfied with the punishment.