Monday, August 03, 2009

Horror in Tel Aviv

Every time I read about this my eyes tear up and then I get furious. This attack on teens, kids struggling with their sexual orientation, is just the latest example of the horrific impact of religious condemnations of homosexuality. Though they are seeking the gunman still, I don't think we'll be surprised to learn it's a radical religious extremist making a threat against an entire minority group by brazenly entering a gay center. It parallels the attack on Dr. George Tiller in this country, killed by a religious extremist because he performed late term abortions -- and the effect was to send a chill through the medical community and successfully shut down the clinic. That's why I don't think what happened in Tel Aviv, frighteningly, is far off from what can happen here (And don't forget a man went into a Nashville church little over a year ago looking for liberals and gays to kill, murdering several people.) We'll discuss this on the show and take your calls and thoughts.