Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mixner: Obama Must Speak Out Now on Maine

I couldn't agree more with David Mixner. Yesterday Obama offered what seemed like more empty words, mentioning gay parents during his proclamation on Family Day. If those weren't empty words and he really cares about gay families The President will speak up now about the Maine amendment that would strip away the right to marry that both the Maine Legislature and the governor approved. And Mixner points to the urgency of now:

Time is running out in Maine. Soon people will begin to request their absentee ballots and start voting. The time for President Obama to make clear that he opposes the ballot measure in that state is now. If he waits any longer, the Maggie Gallagher brigade against human rights will use his opposition to marriage to prove that he supports the proposition. During his presidential campaign, then-Senator Obama was quite clear that he opposed all such measures, despite his opposition to marriage equality...

...The president must stop allowing himself to be used and remain silent while it is happening. He won't be left out on a limb alone if he stands for justice. Thousands and thousands of his supporters from Maine and around the nation are contributing, volunteering and working hard to defeat this hate-filled effort. At the recent National Convention of the AFL-CIO, delegates were urged by leaders to call family and friends in Maine. Countless people of faith are working and praying for the defeat of this proposition. The Democratic Party in Maine has come out against it. So the president shouldn't fear about being out there alone, his friends will be by his side.

Go read the whole thing.