Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Obama on Gay/Lebian Parents

Obama lauded and and lesbian parents yesterday. Two things: 1)Why is this administration hell-bent on only focusing on gay parents, it seems, on gays neutered non-sexual caretakers? We saw this with the Easter Egg Roll and the presence of Jennifer Chrisler of the Family at every damn White House event. Okay, I like seeing gay families, and gays parents portrayed as upstanding, but it's getting a to the point where it excludes the 75% of us (and that's being generous to gay parents) who are not parents; 2P If the president holds gay parents in such high esteem why does does he continue to kick gay dads out of military and ban lesbian moms' marriages on the federal level? Shouldn't those kids in those families be treated equally? Isn't the president adding to their inability to get a fair shake.