Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cue the Twilight Zone Music

Not sure what dimension blogger Gay Patriot lives in, but it's either a very warped reality or he's a lazy gay conservative, so zealous in his ideological pursuits, that he didn't actually watch the clip of my discussion on the Joy Behar Show before commenting on what I supposedly said, simply buying the claims of another wingnut site. Gay Patriot links to the ring-wing and often gay-unfriendly Newsbusters' spin on my appearance, which includes a truncated clip of my full appearance -- which isn't that long (three and half minutes) , but if they provided the entire clip it would have refuted their idiotic claims.

I didn't even remotely say that actress Anne Hathaway would be "sidelined" after announcing she was leaving the Catholic Church because of supposed conservatives in Hollywood. This is simply made up stuff. In fact, regarding Hathaway, I said her career would not be hurt at all and stressed that emphatically. The question where I answered about the "powers that be" having a problem -- the truncated clip used on Newsbusters -- was actually a question about gay stars in Hollywood and what would happen if they come out. I refuted the claims — made also by the other guest -- that the public couldn't handle it and that these start would be hurt. This has been my opinion for years. Anyone who has read my many articles and books on the subject, not to mention seeing my radio and television commentary, would know that.

I used Neil Patrick Harris as an example of someone who came out successfully. If Gay Patriot had watched the clip he'd not have in fact used Neil Patrick Harris as an example himself in trying to refute me because that would be very foolish since I did actually use Neil Patrick Harris. I went on to say that if anything is in the way of stars coming out it's not the public, which is underestimated, but the powers that be, which don't want to take risk, because money is always conservative.

Newsbusters took that statement and warped it into me saying Anne Hathaway will now be sidelined because of conservatives in Hollywood, and then mocked me for this ridiculous statement which I never said. Then Gay Patriot, in an example of pure hackwork, picked it up, clearly without watching the clip or, as I said, is simply living in another dimension. And now, cue that twilight zone music.

UPDATE: Gay Patriot wrote me to say that in fact he didn't watch the clip and that "if you bothered to read my blog, you'd note that I'm very busy this week," and thus he didn't get a chance to watch the clip and just trusted a wingnut web site. He then said he would correct his "error" but that I owe him an apology for "name-calling." In his updated post, he still claims I'm "wrong about conservatives" but I have no idea what he's talking about as I said nothing about conservatives, in Hollywood or out. I only said that "money is always conservative," meaning that Hollywood liberals among the powers that be in Hollywood may claim they support gay rights but then will not do so in the product, or the take a risk of having an actor come out. I would think a gay conservative would actually agree with me about the duplicity of Hollywood liberals. But I think he probably didn't have the guts to say I was completely right so created some red herring to claim he was partially right or some other silliness.

UPDATE II: Gay Patriot has now removed the post distorting my appearance, which is why the links above are dead, and has posted a new post explaining his "error" and why he removed the post. I certainly didn't ask him to do this. I'm not in favor of censoring these discussions and people should have seen what actually happened.