Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Back Talk

These are some of the listener survey comments that I read on the show this week. If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey please do so by scrolling down on the right and clicking through. Thanks.

Houston, TX (XM)
When your show comes on, after about two minutes I change the station. You are the gay equivalent of Glenn Beck. You use epithets all too frequently to belittle those who disagree with you - case in point - your references to those who belong to the TEA Party Movement. Tea Baggers is the term you use most frequently - and you usually follow it up with a an unflattering sexual reference. Not acceptable. What you are is a "Shock Jock". I'm doubtful that this will ever make it to your view comments. And, I'll never know if it does or not, I've stopped listening to your show.I do hope that you lose your "bully pulpit" and that you're replaced by someone who has the capability to carry on the important issues that we all face.

Pima, AZ (Sirius)

I caught the show by accident and have been listening for a couple months now. I probably don't fit any of your demographics, but I am here and I am listening. :)

Cincinnati, OH (XM)

When I got my car I signed up for XM. I was so pleasantly surprised to find your show. It keeps me up to date on all the national issues that concern our community. Since Cincinnati is a conservative city, it's nice to hear what is happening around the country. I just like the whole show. That's why I keep on listening! Keep it up!!! You're fantastic. Oh, I especially like the call in option on your show. It's great to hear people's opinions.

New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA (Sirius)
I have worked in the entertainment industry in New York & Los Angeles for almost 30 years. I was born and raised on a farm in deeply rural North Carolina. Within my family and among my parents' friends down there, I can list almost a dozen gay & lesbian individuals who are open about their sexuality. I often feel that Michael is inappropriately judgmental and/or dismissive of non-urban parts of the country and particularly the people who populate rural locales. For my part, I have yet to experience the kind of homophobia and fear in (my little corner) of NC that I have in the more sophisticated and enlightened communities that I traffic in elsewhere -- and I'm in show business! There are many folks who support and understand the LGBTIQ community beyond the bright city lights, Yankee Boy! :-)

Minneapolis, MN (XM)

I really appreciate the perspective that Michelangelo puts on the news and how it impacts the LGBT community.

New York, NY (Sirius)
Great show. I try to listen as often as possible during the day at my office. I especially enjoy Friday's show and the Clips of the Week. Keep up the great work!

Warwick, PA (Sirius)
Although I enjoy and agree with the political views of the program, I would often like a change of pace. The political end of things today for the LGBT community is so oppressive and depressing, that sometimes I just have to tune out to keep my sanity. I know you could cover any topic with the same passion, vision, and intelligence that you display in the political arena. Please just give it a try once in a while; not always; just as a brief respite from the important, albeit upsetting, political news that we NEED to hear. Whatever, please keep up the brilliant and courageous work that you do!

Gainesville, FL (XM)
Absolutely love the Michelangelo Signorile show -- he's smart, articulate and always makes sense! It's my favorite program on OutQ. The other day I was driving to South Florida, and I enjoyed listening to Michelangelo all the way down the Florida Turnpike for 4 hours!

Pinedale, WY (Sirius)
I watched "Outrage" over the weekend I was FUCK'N pissed. Not so much at the Republican politicians but the damn gay people that support then and do harm to the community. I am very angry at Dan Gurely (I believe that is his name). I am not only angry with what he did but I am more angry how he acted when he was he did nothing wrong. I am so angry with him.

Fort Garland, CO (XM)

Thank you for calling out Christianity and it's followers for the damage they have done to the GLBT community. If it was not for christian bigotry our community would have achieved equality years ago. Oh, and please stop engaging that starfucker Barney Frank, he is simply a mouthpiece for whatever administration needs coverage from the gay community. Useless!