Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Back Talk

These are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show this week. If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey please do so by scrolling down on the right and clicking through. Thanks!

Lee, IL, Sirius

Sirius/XM Sat came with my new Ford so I am new to the Sat radio universe. I do enjoy the variety of programming. Out of curiosity I checked into OutQ from my programming guide and found your show on my drive home from work. Being straight but gay friendly (one brother-now deceased-was gay) I really enjoyed your show. I never really knew too much about the issues my brother lived with day to day and your show gives me a window on his life and what he had to deal with. You cover issues from a perspective that the mainstream news just does not do. Your interviews are the best though. I heard I think 2 interviews with Rep. Frank that were highly informative as well as entertaining. Your guest interviews are my favorite part of the show, and of course the callers are good as well.

Orlando, FL XM
On the two occasions I have called in, I was not able to finish my statement nor respond back to the host. Though I had disagreements with what he was saying, I hoped to get a chance to respond.

Las Vegas, NV Sirius
I called into the show recently, and as I was about to thank you and say 'goodbye,' you cut me off... and as I continued to listen, I realized that NO ONE gets to say goodbye to you, you cut off EVERY caller... now as I listen, it irritates me that you choose to do this, it comes off as controlling and unsociable. just sayin'.

Boulder City, NV (Sirius)
I have absolutely no problem with the bumper music. I don't really care much for it, either, figuring it was one of those gay things I don't get - but it was never a problem. Bumper music is just a few seconds in and out.

Pinedale, WY (Sirius)
I could give a shit what Tiger Woods does in bed or with who. Its none of my damn business. I bet the religious wingnuts are threatening him to runin his career if he didn't make amends for what he did. WHO GIVES A FUCK'N SHIT! I agree that religion is the problem of the world. All the wars of the world were religious based.

Milwaukee, WI (Sirius)
I love your show. I don't always agree with your opinion, but I always feel like you really do your homework and present the facts separate from your opinion. The only problem is that I can only listen to your show in short bits. The stories you present and the crazy people they are about really make my blood pressure rise! Still, I feel much more aware of how our community is affected by them and outraged that we, as a community, aren't doing more to combat those nut jobs.