Saturday, April 03, 2010

Saturday Back Talk

I usually post listener survey comments we read on the show every week, but we've been so busy I haven't posted them for several weeks, so here a bunch of them. If you haven't taken the survey please do so by scrolling down and clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Levittown, PA (XM)
Love the show. Wish some of the callers were able to make a clear, concise, and coherent argument. Sometimes it's like listening to a third grader speak. Michael- you keep mispronouncing the word Pastoral. The accent is on the FIRST syllable, not the 2nd. Love the show!

Atlanta GA (XM)
Re; the 3/29 show - shame on Mike for shouting down his callers just because of their differing opinions! I seriously felt embarrassed for Mike - it sounded as though I was tuning in to Bill O'Reilly's show. There is no excuse for shouting down people just because of their opinions, and insisting that people answer questions as "YES OR NO?" (shouted) just because Mike sees things that way (they aren't black-and-white questions). I am seriously disappointed with Mike and his show today and I hope the first thing he does when he returns to the air is apologizes for his inexcusably rude behavior. He is welcome to his point of view, but there is NO excuse for shouting down your callers who just want to be heard. Leave that horrible behavior to the Fox News crew.

Columbus, OH (Sirius)
I love your show. It gives me all the news that's important to me as a progressive through a progressive's eyes. My problem is that you get me so pissed off at those ignorant Republicans & Catholics & the like that I look like a cartoon driving down the road. You know, my head all bloated & red with smoke shooting out of my ears ! Some days I go to turn on your show & I think, "Do I really want to go through all that aggravation today?"Your show would go down a lot easier if I had a few xanax to go with it ! Keep up the good fight. I admire your fortitude.

Chicago, IL (Sirius)
I really N'Joy your show. However (da da da dumm) I do have an issue with something that you do regularly when you are trying to make a point about injustices being perpetrated against the LGBT community. First I'll say that you are one of many champions for human rights and thank you for that. Having said that, then why must you use your standard "What if ___________ happened to a Black person" retort when trying to get your point across? The last straw for me was when you were talking about Ricky Martin and almost on cue your reflex rebuttal to a caller was "If it were a Black person trying to pass for white…”. I just lost my mind. How much of a stretch was that for you to use African Americans as your example when, Latinos, Jews, and yes Italians have changed their last names and are passing for, "Hollywood’s Next Great White Person." Couldn't you use the fact that more people in the entertainment industry who are hiding who culturally they really are come from those groups and not African Americans? Sorry to rant but the Ricky Martin thing put me over the edge. Please keep doing what you are doing but please just shine the light of “what if” little bit more broader. Oh, love the preacher getting tazed drop.

Hovland, MI (Sirius)
Thanks for having Lizz Winstead on Friday while Michelangelo was away-enjoyed the show. Much better than listening to out of date repeat show.

Winnepeg, MB Canada (Sirius)
I am a Canadian trucker with American heritage. At times I feel you are very disingenuous. You dislike certain people so you attack them relentlessly. george bush, sara palin etc. I agree these people are controversial and haven't always done the best for your country.There is good and bad in all people. never here you be really critical of harry ried or nancy polosi. To be fair, you have criticized bama, only because he drags his heals on gay issues. To be brief, you are just as far left as sean hannity is to the right P.S. This will never hit the air!

San Antonio, TX (Sirius)
You are a godsend to the LGBT community. I am an art director at an ad agency so I listen to your show daily for the entire 4 hours. I can't think of a better way to spend 4 hours. Don't change a thing. I love the pregnant pauses when you are speaking, it often gives me a moment to process the information before you move on to the next thought. Anyone who has an issue with this must get off their blackberry and start interfacing with humans. As for your pronunciation of the word U-ston, I know people from Houston that pronounce it U-ston.

Columbus, OH (Sirius)
I listened to the show for the first time during a recent long road trip and found it to be thoroughly engaging and also a welcome way to stay awake and alert while at the wheel (I usually listen to music but now discovered the pleasures of intelligent talk radio--it also helps that the content is LGBT, though the slant is also feminist and humanitarian in general). I love Michelangelo's comments and also the New York accent, which reminds me of my own New York background.

Lexington, KY (Sirius)
I think you should leave issues like health care alone - u only tell one side of the story in politics. For example with the hate voice mails u didn't even mention that there were hate voice mails going to republicans also and u didn't mention that there were threats going to republicans either, You cut down fox but at least they try to represent both sides, they always invite members from left and right on the show. There are always and I mean always 2 sides to every story and you only represent one side, if u want to report the news u should at least make an attempt to be fair and balanced.

Austin, TX (Sirius)
Mike does a great job at explaining the issues and all sides of the issues. Of course, he gives his own thoughts on the subject matter of which most are valid and thoughtful. Mike keep plugging away and doing a great job on shedding light on issues the mainstream media chooses not to cover.

Los Angeles, CA (XM)
I like hearing about current debates (healthcare, prom cancelling, etc..) and I like that you suggest we do our research and make a decision for ourselves. It doesn't sound like you're pushing an agenda, which is nice considering today's media is so pushy and one sided.

Dan Point, CA (Sirius)
Love the show and I have no real criticism other than one point. Your producer constantly chats in the background and that is so irritating to those listening. Move him far away from your mic PLEASE!!!!!!

Charlotte, NC (Sirius)

I've tried to listen to other talk shows to get a better understanding of what is going on in the the news, mainly the political world. I don't consider myself unintelligent, but there is just so much to understand. Michelangelo explains things in a way that I understand and he keeps my interest. Now if you could just have him on in the evening until 7pm so I can get more than my 45 minutes on my way home 5:30 -6:30pm. AND maybe past show recordings from 6am to 8am, so I can catch him in the mornings. I'm hooked. Thanks Michelangelo love listening to you!

Warner Robbins, GA (XM)
Mike - everyone has accents... Your way of pronouncing words like "huge" as "Yuge" is part of who you are. Do the listeners hearing someone from Boston call in -gripe about their pronouncing particular words? I'm sure some do - but the differences, like Boston or NYC or Mobile, AL or Seattle, WA are all a part of who each person is... so keep up doing what you do in your own accent. BTW - I have 5 Sirius receivers and 1 XM receiver. Each vehicle + one for the house. (I pay for my Mormon parents but I know they don't tune in to your show or this channel)

West Palm Beach, FL (XM)

I really enjoy Michelangelo's style and the way he challenges his callers to THINK!

Hobe Sound, FL (Sirius)

Michaelangelo is is the consummate 'master debater" (wink). He is straightforward, insightful and respectful of the diversity and opinion of others. Topics are current and always on point. However, his monologues tend to be quite lengthy at times; so much so I begin to tune out. Also, studio sound control is a MAJOR pain in the a**. Production needs to get a handle on it ASAP. When the show cuts to a commercial volume spike is so bad my ears bleed...simply can't reach volume control fast.

Lakewood, NJ (Sirius)
While I enjoy your show, you really don't represent my views. I really don't like it when you just keep harping on bush.

Pepperell, MA (Sirius)
My bf and I love the show. Sometimes I think you go overboard however, we love it. You can not gain and inch in this messed up world if you aim short of an inch. You are great you go the mile for us gays :)

Richmond, VA (XM)
I love your show. I have learned quite a lot about other LGBT issues that I was unaware of. Great job!

Boston, MA (Sirius)

Love the interviews especially the right wing nut jobs when Michael rips them apart.

Dingman's Ferry, MA (Sirius)
(2 prof. fire fighters) we record your shows and listen when we are not at work. Keep up the great job!

Palm Springs, CA (XM)
This was a sneaky way to do a demographic and marketing survey.

Sacramento, CA (Sirius)
Mike... I share many of your thoughts and beliefs, and I love the show, I listen religiously. Your review of the day's happenings keep me up to date with what's REALLY going on. Your commentary is pointed and relevant! Also, thanks for the great interviews (although I think it's a little shitty that you don't allow comments/questions from listeners during them).

Tacoma, WA (Sirius)
This show is outstanding. I most times agree with the views stated on the show and feel welcome anytime I call in. You bring attention to issues that main stream media just won't touch, as sad as that is. I love the fact that you fight for the community and the fact that you encourage people to not sit by idly waiting for things to happen. Bravo!