Monday, April 05, 2010

Today on the Signorile Show

Over the weekend Justice John Paul Stevens made the announcement that he'll soon decide if he'll step down from the Supreme Court this year, sending the media into a frenzy of speculation over who President Obama will choose to replace him, focusing in on the Solicitor General Elena Kagan. But some Republicans are already vowing they'll block just about anyone Obama names. We'll discuss.

The Vatican has now apologized for comparing their supposed persecution by the media to the suffering that Jews have endured through the centuries. But still no fessing up to the cover-up of sex abuse scandal, which the Vatican on Easter called "petty gossip" while protestors took to the streets.

Days since the Christian militia was raided with what the government considers weapons of mass destruction, the media still is not calling it an act of terrorism. What kind of action will it take from the domestic right for the "T"-word to be used?

Guest/3:30 ET From penguins to giraffes we've talked about same-sex couplings. Jon Mooallem, will join us to discuss his article in the New York Times Magazine, Can Animals Be Gay?

Is the Tea Party brewing a revolution? The answer seems to be no. We'll talk about it.

The ACLU is suing City College in Fresno, CA, because a human sexuality professor pushed antigay rhetoric in class. He is hitting back, claiming academic freedom. We have a video of the class and we'll go through it and decide, taking calls as well.

All that and much more on The Michelangelo Signorile Show today.