Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Back Talk

These are some listener survey comments, some of which I've read on the show in the past couple of weeks. If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey, please do so by scrolling down and click through on the right. Thanks!

Dallas, TX (Sirius)
Mike, thanks for taking my call concerning how I was disappointed in your reaction with your caller where the F word was used. I came from a household where my father was very verbally abusive, which sometimes led to physical abuse. So when someone, even on the radio, whether it is your listeners or with you, I have a physical reaction. At least in my mind the show is your show, not the listeners.' If the listeners are starting to be abusive to you then they are also being abusive to your listeners and it is my hope that you stop the abuse not get involved in it. There is no reason, as far as I can tell that you can't cut someone off that is using abusive language on the air. To be allowing that exchange is not really being inclusive, it is just allowing the abuse.

Punta Gorda, FL (Sirius)
I look forward to your show daily, and often have trouble getting out of my car when I reach my destination. I find your dialogue to be motivating, and you often bring things to my attention that I would have otherwise missed. If nothing else, you have caused my elected officials to have a few more pieces of mail every year! You and David need to keep up the amazing work.

Huntsville, AL (Sirius)
I think you need to be less of a bitch most of the time. You cannot handle it when people do not agree with you and you will use any example, no matter how small or how infrequent in occurrence, to "prove" your point. Sometimes you speak about topics you know little about (i.e. the wikileaks video, the Arizona immigration issue, and the Phoenix Suns wearing the Los Suns jerseys). When you start being a bitch or discussing topics you do not thoroughly understand, I have to turn the channel because I find myself yelling at the radio.

Fort Pierce, FL (Sirius)
Michelangelo has a great radio show with interesting points of view expressed by the listeners. Thank you for doing a great job and giving everyone a chance to chime in! And as a matter of record, I find the way you pronounce the "u" words like huge to be endearing!

Keokuk, Iowa (Sirius)
I am a new listener and the show has kept me coming back. I love how you challenge the people who call in to really think about what they are saying and it's clear you have a great following, and that is for a good reason. I enjoy hearing the "gay" related news because here in the Midwest, it just doesn't appear anywhere. I think the show is perfect the way it is, but maybe more interviews with people that make a difference in the gay community. Thanks for a wonderful show.

Omaha, NE (Sirius)
If you listen to yourself, you'll discover that you often focus on what someone stupid said (e.g. that day's Jerry Fallwell) or on something stupid a gay organization did, or on making no progress with Obama and the leading left. Why don't you simply focus each day for 10 minutes on the possibility that 10 minutes represents for progress on equal rights for gay people.
"Obama isn't doing what we want" IS NOT PROGRESS. "Look! This EX-GAY has a male whore!" IS NOT PROGRESS. "Look! HRC spent money on parties instead of a vet bus!!" IS NOT PROGRESS.

Rumson, NJ (XM)
Your political commentary is among the best. As a straight man I appreciate the LGBT news since I support equal rights. The station is a LGBT orientation yet your show is VERY balanced. I only have XM in one car so I'm limited to when I can listen but just finished a road trip with my wife and we listened nearly every day for 10 days. You are polite yet you don't allow your callers to run a muck.

Owings Mills, MD (XM)
I really enjoy the show even if I often don't agree with the host. We have similar views on right or wrong, but usually different reasons why. I enjoy the dialog with the callers because Michelangelo is great at extracting views and alternate perspectives. What I find unappealing is the long rambling monologues. It is his show, but honestly, I like him as an opinionated journalist, not a self-indulgent "Limbaugh" (who is known to rant for 15-20 minutes at a time) for the queer community.

Tulsa, OK (Sirius)
Mike is too liberal for my taste. When he sticks to gay issues he is okay but when he uses the word Fuck on the air about suspected criminals that is way over the top and too left for my taste which I consider to be middle of the road. You can tell that he was raised in an authoritarian environment, i.e. the catholic church, because he becomes authoritarian when people don't agree with him and he thinks that is okay.

Montgomery, AL (Sirius)
I enjoy your show but I don't get to listen as often as I would like. You bring out some very important issues-keep up the good work!! After taking this survey though..I am very interested in finding out if the vodka drinkers outnumber the beer drinkers listening to your show :-)

Albequerque, NM (XM)
I enjoyed the interview with the author of "Hot Stuff." It was a welcome relief from the hostile, testosterone fueled, rants plotted by those anarchist tea baggers. I was disappointed no calls were taken to discuss "Hot Stuff." It was a trip down memory lane listening to the discussion. Perhaps calls on that topic are more appropriate for Frank Decaro's show. Thanks to Michaelangelo and the whole crew for all your efforts and hard work.

Stamford, CT (XM)
Please try to add a more positive spin on some aspects of the show. Four hours of harangues about the doom and gloom of how bad things are is very hard to listen to.

Indianapolis, IN (Sirius)
I enjoy your passion, your serious discussions. Please don't feel like you have to lighten up the crowd or "entertain" ppl. You are a political gay rights advocate ,not a comedian. People need to realize that or go away. I love your passion and you have inspired me to get involved in local gay rights organizations here in Indianapolis which do not have near enough support.

Eagle Rock, CA (Sirius)
Mike, I continue to enjoy your show as always. I especially love when you talk on lighter topics. Your interaction with David sometimes is hilarious. Your laugh is infectious especially when someone gets caught "with their pants down". You start out laughing, then David eggs you on and you turn into "Snidely" from the cartoons, remember him...I end up laughing so hard I have to pull over. Thanks Mike!