Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Should Ken Mehlman Be Forgiven?

Yesterday I asked on the show if former RNC chairman and Bush 2004 campaign manager Ken Mehlman -- who, while closeted, helped push the antigay, anti-marriage ballot measures in the states to re_elect George W.Bush -- should be forgiven now that is out of the closet and helped to get marriage equality in New York? And I played this clip from activist Jon Winkleman, who confronted Mehlman at the Stonewall Inn on the night of the historic vote. Andy Towle explains some of Winkleman's reasoning also outlines some of the work that Mehlman has done for marriage equality. On the show, most callers were completely unforgiving -- "he has blood on his hands, he'll have to do much, much more" -- but one, a gay Republican, said we should move on. What do you think?