Monday, November 03, 2014

Today On The Signorile Show

3:35pm ET - As candidates rally to get out the vote, others are secretly steering voters away from the polls with misinformation and fear.  For example, you might receive a phone call saying that your political party is actually voting on Wednesday instead of tomorrow, or you could receive a flyer warning you that you could be arrested at the poll if you have an outstanding parking ticket.  The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law has identified these and other types of manipulative voter suppression efforts.  The organization’s president and executive director Barbara Arnwine joins the show to talk about these tactics, debunk the lies and confusion, and share tips for voters.  You can also follow Barbara on twitter.

4:35pm ET - It is estimated that by tomorrow night nearly 90 million Americans will have cast ballots in this midterm election, and the results of which are almost certain to increase the partisan divisions and gridlock that have rendered the governance of our nation even more difficult.   To many people, ninety million sounds like a lot of votes, but that number only represents less than 40 percent of the electorate, which means that 60% of eligible American voters will choose to not exercise their right as a citizen and vote.  Joining us today to discuss the idea that maybe our system of government would be better off if we completely cancelled all midterm elections is David Schanzer, a professor of public policy at Duke University, whose recent op-ed in the New York Times explored this subject.  You can also follow David on twitter.

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