Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Today On The Signorile Show!

3:35pm ET - It’s hard to believe that Sam Brownback started out as a “moderate” Republican in Kansas politics.  Then, when he got to the Senate, he launched “a high-profile war against gay marriage, porn and abortion.”  Now as governor of the Koch brothers’ home state, he has become so fiscally conservative that he appears to be waging a war upon his own constituents.  His administration has passed record tax and spending cuts as part of what he calls a red state “experiment.”  But rather than the promised job growth and recovery, the economy is struggling and basic services are in jeopardy.  The courts have called his education cuts unconstitutional, and fellow Republicans are publicly supporting his Democratic challenger.  But could he eke out another victory anyway?  Mark Binelli visited Kansas to explore the conditions on the ground and the politics at play.  He chronicled his stormy adventure in Rolling Stone magazine, and joins us to talk about it today.

4:05pm ET - Today is Election Day, and Republican candidates across the country are hoping that their careful attempts to disguise their unpopular and frighteningly anti-women policies have fooled the majority of voters, whom all polling suggests support broad access to birth control, including the contraception mandate in Obamacare that Republicans have attacked.   According to polling research, single women and women of color do not typically turn out in large numbers for midterm elections, but the stakes are too high today for any woman to stay home.  Joining us to discuss the Republican Party’s extremist views on economic and social policy and how those views directly hurt women, and drive them away from the polls is Sally Kohn, CNN contributor and columnist for The Daily Beast.  You can also follow Sally on twitter.

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