Thursday, January 08, 2015

Today On The Signorile Show!

3:35pm ET - Noah Michelson, Executive Editor at The Huffington Post's Gay Voicesreturns to The Signorile Show today to help us close out the week with the stories making headlines in the LGBT blog-o-sphere. You can also follow Noah on facebook and twitter.

4:05pm ET - On Monday, January 12, at 9:00 am ET on SiriusXM will launch a new channel called “Insight” which will offer thought-provoking and mind-expanding talk radio for fans of public radio and beyond.  The inaugural program will be “Stand Up! With Pete Dominick,” in recognition of Pete’s role in inspiring the creation of the channel, and it will include a variety of talented, insightful hosts from wide-ranging backgrounds, including, former practicing attorney and Muslim American stand-up comedian, Dean Obeidallah, astrophysicist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium Neil deGrasse Tyson, and comedian / political commentator John Fugelsang, who has guest hosted The Signorile Show the past.  John joins us today to talk about the channel and his new show called Tell Me Everything which airs 2pm-5pm ET.  You can also follow John on twitter and facebook.

4:35pm ET - Recently the nation has been abuzz with talk of the problem of rape on college campus’, and the media has bombarded us with the notion that universities and colleges are hotbeds of sexual violence.  So much so that many parents now fear that sending their teenagers to school is equivalent to shipping them off to be sexually victimized.  However according to Callie Marie Rennison, the co-director of the Criminology and Criminal Justice Research Initiative at the University of Colorado Denver’s School of Public Affairs, young women who don’t go to college are far more likely to be raped then their college bound peers.  Callie joins us today to discuss the problems that disadvantaged women face when it comes to sexual violence, which she wrote about for The New York Times.

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