Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Today On The Signorile Show!

4:05pm ET - Last week, the Arkansas State Legislature passed a Bill which would make it legal to discriminate against LGBT people throughout the State, and Gov. Asa Hutchinson has said he will allow the bill to become law, thereby preventing cities and counties from passing their own ordinances designed to protect LGBT people from discrimination in housing, jobs, and businesses.  Joining us today to discuss this bill and how it will affect the civil rights of LGBT people is Arkansas State Rep. Clarke Tucker who represents the citizens of District 35 in the Arkansas House of Representatives.  You can also follow Clarke on twitter and facebook.

4:35pm ET - In the year 1630, John Winthrop, a Puritan, preached about “a city upon a hill” to his fellow colonists as they prepared to leave their ship in Massachusetts Bay, and now almost four centuries later these words, most strenuously invoked by President Ronald Reagan, have dominated the rhetoric surrounding our nation’s history, causing an image borrowed from the Christian Gospels to become a cornerstone of the view that the United States is fundamentally a Christian Nation.  However, according to Peter Manseau, author of the new book One Nation, Under Gods: A New American History this view of history hides the real and more complex story behind our national narrative, which often involved a non-Christian element at many of its key points.  Peter joins us today to discuss his book.  You can also follow Peter on twitter.

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