Friday, February 20, 2015

Today on The Signorile Show!

3:35pm ET - Earlier this month the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama, released a report on the history of lynchings in the United States, the report is the result of five years of research and its authors compiled an inventory of 3,959 victims of racial terror lynchings in 12 Southern states from 1877 to 1950.  However according to William D. Carrigan, a professor of history at Rowan University, although the recent report is a welcome contribution to the struggle over American collective memory, and few groups have suffered more systematic mistreatment, abuse and murder than African-Americans, one dimension of mob violence that is often overlooked, however, is that lynchers targeted many other racial and ethnic minorities in the United States as well, including Native Americans, Chinese and, especially, Mexicans.  Professor Carrigan joins us today discuss the history of American lynch mobs targeting Mexicans from the mid-19th century until well into the 20th century. 

4:35pm ET - The carrying of concealed firearms on college campuses is banned in 41 states by law or by university policy and carrying guns openly is generally not permitted.  But this year, lawmakers in 10 states are pushing bills that would permit the carrying of firearms on campus, and they are hoping that the national spotlight on sexual assault will help them win passage of their measures.  However, opponents contend that university campuses should remain havens from the gun-related risks that exist elsewhere, and that college students, with high rates of binge drinking and other recklessness, would be particularly prone to gun accidents.  Joining us today to discuss the idea of guns on campuses is John D. Foubert, an Oklahoma State University professor and national president of One in Four, which provides educational programs on sexual assault to college campuses.  You can also follow John on twitter.

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