Monday, February 23, 2015

Today on The Signorile Show!

4:05pm ET - As the Presidential election in 2016 gets closer and closer, progressives within the Democratic Party have begun grassroots campaigns in key battleground states like Iowa and New Hampshire to get Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts to run.  However, despite that fact that Sen. Warren has said over fifty times that she will not be running, her supporters are not giving up on their hopes that the senior Senator from the Bay State will run for the nation’s highest office to take on Wall Street and defend the American working and middle classes.   Joining us today to discuss the movement to draft Sen. Warren for President is George Zornick, the Washington editor of The Nation.  You can also follow George on twitter.

4:35pm ET - Recently, Sen. Anthony Sykes, an Oklahoma Republican lawmaker introduced Senate Bill 733 which would require anyone who wants a marriage license from the state to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases.   The measure, is an attempt to revive an old program from the first half of the twentieth century which attempted to reduce the spread of communicable diseases and prevent birth defects, but has long since been deemed ineffective and overly costly.  Joining us today to discuss the bill and what it is really all about is Ryan Kiesel the Executive Director of the ACLU of Oklahoma.  You can also follow Ryan on twitter.

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