Friday, January 22, 2016

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We’ve talked at length on the show about the epidemic we’re seeing in this country when it comes to mass shootings and the calls for our government to seek the common sense ways we can go about preventing and limiting the number of deaths we see as a result.  And as much as we’d like to think there is enough research out there to point to ways in creating common sense regulation, it turns out that those figures are severely lacking.  Joining me today to talk about her piece “The Missing Data on Gun Violence” is Clare Foran, an associate editor with The Atlantic.  You can also follow Clare on Twitter.

As the water crisis in Flint, Michigan is making headlines across the world, people are asking how it was possible for this type of thing to happen in the United States today, and according to Curt Guyette an investigative reporter for the ACLU of Michigan, who heads The Michigan Democracy Watch Project, this is exactly what happens when democracy is dismantled as it was in Flint under Michigan’s emergency manager law.  Curt returns to the show today to update us on what’s happening in Flint and explain why the crisis there is an indictment of Michigan’s emergency manager law. 

Most Americans are well aware of the fact that during World War II people of Japanese ancestry, both immigrants, and their American-born children, were sent to internment camps.  However, fewer people are aware of the fact that before the war, thousands of these American-born children were sent back to Japan to receive an education, and after the Pearl Harbor attack were stuck in Japan.  In her new book Midnight in Broad Daylight: A Japanese AmericanFamily Caught Between Two Worlds Pamela Rotner Sakamoto tells the story of the Fukuhara family who on Dec. 7, 1941 found themselves separated on either sides of the Pacific Ocean with divided identities and loyalties.  Pamela joins me today on the show to talk all about the book and the events that led to Fukuhara family being divided, and their family’s struggle to survive the war.  

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