Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Realizing that the firing of the special prosecutors blew up in their faces, White House operatives are trying other ways to keep legitimate investigations at bay, including attempting to cut the critics off at the pass by launching their own whitewashes. News came yesterday that the Office of Special Counsel is investigating Rove, but the only problem is that that office and it's head, Scott Bloch, are themselves under investigation, and gay rights groups have called for his resignation because of clear antigay bias. As a former Justice Dept. hack on Faith Based Initiatives Programs, this guy is yet another Christian soldier brought into the administration to further the cause and protect the president -- surely not to investigate it for its own dishonest and decidedly un-Christian behavior. This should be an interesting investigation, in which Karl Rove is miraculously cleared. It's got to mean that whatever Democrats will reveal in their own investigations must be pretty bad. I'll be discussing this on the program today.

UPDATE: Turns out it was David Iglesias who filed the complaint, so the OSC obviously had to open an investigation (even if it will be a whitewash). And the White House may actually be happy about it, since it means Rove can say he can't talk to anyone about anything, including Senators, because there's an "investigation underway," which is the old White House standby.