Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tom Shales speaks out on Merv

The Washington Post's noted television critic Tom Shales is criticizing me, this site and many of you in the comments for our discussion of Merv. I have to run to studio, and will talk about this on the show, but just let me say first off that I'm really finding it too easy these days to attack people who post anonymous comments on web sites -- as easy as it is to actually post a comment on a web site. Yes, some comments are over the top, some not -- it's democracy in conversation. Whatever, let's discuss this more, and hopefully Tom Shales will come on the show. I actually saw several posts in the comments from a Tom Shales and didn't believe it was him -- maybe it is, maybe not. We called to check but he didn't respond.

UDPATE: At least we are starting to see this discussion break out into the mainstream press. USA Today Online just picked up on it. Speak with you all on the radio soon.

UPDATE II: Pam Spaulding has a great post on the topic of the MSM's post-mortem gay cover-ups --including of Luther Vandross --at Pandagon. As she notes, this is not about gossip.