Friday, November 30, 2007

Fourteen Years of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

On the show today: Marine Captain and Iraq war veteran Antonio Agnone, booted from the military under Don't Ask, Don't Tell. (3:30 ET). Agnone, now working with HRC, is headlining HRC's involvement in the commemoration on the National Mall in DC today, marking 14 years of the wretched policy. HRC, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network and other groups participating in the event will fly 12,000 flags, marking the 12,000 gay and lesbian members of the military who were thrown out under the DADT.

Also on the show: Brigadier General Keith Kerr (U.S. Army Ret.), who asked the gays-in-the-military question at the CNN/You Tube Republican Debate. He's now coming under attack from Pat Buchanan -- who had the gall to call him a coward for not coming out years ago! Of course, if it weren't for hatemongers like Buchanan, there would be no closet in America. (The general will be on today, though a time has not yet been determined -- listen in).

UDPATE: The general will join me at 2:30 ET. Listen in, free 3-day trial of Sirius for those who are not subscriber.