Sunday, December 02, 2007

More Larry Craig Closet Sexcapades!

The Idaho Statesman today has a story with four men on the record -- first time anyone has come forward by name in a media -- who say they've had sexual encounters (or potential ones) with Larry Craig. And all the sexplicit audio tapes from the brave men are there on the site too.

One of the men is David Phillips, who I had on my radio program (his first broadcast interview) after he'd spoken to (No mainstream press had yet covered his story).

And another one is Mike Jones, the former hustler who exposed Ted Haggard, and who I've had on the program several times, including the day after his Haggard scandal had broken.

I think there are many, many more out there -- we've had calls to the show from men (in Idaho), telling stories about Craig, and all sounded believable -- and it's going to be hilarious to watch the Senate Republicans deal with this one. Larry Craig appears to be the gift that keeps on this holiday season.

Update: Let me add that one of the four men and a fifth man, unnamed, each have a corraborating witness who says he was told of the Craig sexual come-on at the time. That, and the fact that these men are named, make this a story that Craig can't just slough off with a denial -- that is, unless the media lets him get away with it.

UPDATE II: The Associated Press, counting the unnamed people that Idaho Statesman reporter Dan Popkey also sourced for his new article, reports in its headline that eight men have said they had encounters with Craig. With a headline like that it's hard to imagine that this story is going to go away.