Friday, November 09, 2007

On the Program Today: David Phillips Talks about his Larry Craig Sex Encounter

David Phillips, the DC man who a few weeks ago gave an interview to describing a sexual encounter with Senator Larry Craig 20 years ago, will come on the show today at 3:30 ET. Phillips' story had lit up the Internet, complete with all of its graphic detail, and surely it sent Larry and Suzanne into another tailspin. (And they thought they'd put all of this to bed with Matt Lauer!)

Perhaps because of the lurid details of the encounter, and the attention that having had sex with Larry Craig brings, David Phillips has been cautious and reticent about giving interviews. This is his first and only broadcast interview since going public.

His story further details the contours of Larry Craig's closet and underscores the deceit and ugly behavior the closet forces powerful people like Larry Craig to engage in. Should be very interesting. If you're not a Sirius subscriber, you can get a free 3-day trial and listen in.