Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Interview with HRC's Joe Solmonese

The vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act is today, and Joe Solmonese of the Human Rights Campaign was doing media yesterday to try to explain HRC's complete reversal and it's full support now of ENDA without protections for transgendered people. He came on the show and we had a spirited discussion.

These are important issues abouth which we're all passionate. Joe came on to speak with me knowing of course that I would be tough if fair, and he's to be commended for that. Please take a listen: Pam Spaulding has the interview posted on her site. And post a comment here letting me know what you think.

Update: We will be re-airing the interview today in the first hour (2 p.m. ET hour) of the show. Get a free 3-day trial and listen in if you're not a Sirius subscriber.