Friday, June 25, 2010

Socarides Blasts Obama on LGBT Rights

Former Clinton gay adviser Richard Socarides has a Wall Street Journal op-ed looking at the president's promises, what he said at the White House cocktail reception this week and what he's not followed through on. I hit on just about every one of these issues on the show this week when we reviewed the president's speech, listening in to what he said. It bears repeating again and again, as the LGBT leaders in Washington just don't want to say it, seeming to only suck up to Obama further as he continually breaks his promises, and Richard is spot-on when he notes that Ted Olson is further along than President Obama:

Mr. Obama entered office with greater immediate challenges confronting him than most. But after eight years of benign neglect (at best) from Washington, and a campaign in which Mr. Obama promised to be our champion, gay Americans had good reason to expect more from this president, and now are understandably frustrated.

In a telling development, the most significant and aggressive legal effort to promote gay equality today is being led by a conservative, former U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson. In federal court in San Francisco, together with co-counsel David Boies, he is prosecuting the most comprehensive and sophisticated legal attack on antigay marriage laws in history.