Friday, June 25, 2010

Today on the Signorile Show

We've seen the devastation caused by the BP Gusher at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico to the coast habitats and animals. Earlier this week, news broke showing that the burning of the oil in the Gulf is killing a high percentage of endangered sea turtles. And the people who are trying to save these turtles have been blocked by BP, who are stopping boats from their rescue efforts. Reports show that more and more areas and wildlife are being threatened. We'll get into the devastation today.

Sharon Angle, Nevada Tea Party-backed Republican candidate for the Senate, has a long antigay history. We'll get into her vitriolic anti-gay past this afternoon.

Guest / 3:30pm EST - Richard Socarides joins us this afternoon to talk about his article in the Wall Street Journal regarding the the president and the LGBT community, where he says, "despite a steady trickle of of small steps Mr. Obama has taken to promote gay rights, on the big issues, he's a disappointment." He'll explain why today.

Last night, CNN aired its documentary, In America: Gary and Tony Have a Baby. While it is great that CNN focused programing on some of the struggles the LGBT community face, many felt the documentary didn't do its best to represent the community, because Gary and Tony are privileged -- spent 160K for the baby, through in-vitro and surrogacy, rather than adoption -- which may have made it easier for them to have a child. They represent only a handful of gay male parents in that regard. Others didn't like the focus on assimilation as the kick-off to the Gay in America series. Did you see it? We'll get your thoughts today.

Will humans be extinct in 100 years? That's the question Ian O'Neill asks on Discovery. O'Neill spoke with many scientists across the globe and many feel our species is doomed. One scientist from Australia tells him, "We're going to become extinct. Whatever we do now is too late." Is it really too late for the human race? We'll discuss this as well.

It's Friday, so we'll be giving out of "Angel, Turkey, Gassie and Climax of the Week!" Who do you think deserves an award? Let Mike know on Twitter and Facebook! (If you already follow Mike, be sure to follow my tweets too!)

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