Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Back Talk

These are some of the listener survey comments from last week, some of which I read on the show. If you're a listener and haven't taken the survey please do so by scrolling down and clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Southlake, TX (XM)
Michael, how dare you assume that if someone has to get off the phone it is because they lost the argument. If someone comes to my office while I am talking I would have to respectfully say goodbye. Whenever someone doesn't agree with you, you start calling them names and assume that they are conservative even when they don't sound conservative. These are just bullying tactics and you are smart enough to not have to engage in these tactics. It will be interesting to see how you bash me if you choose to talk about this comment on air.

Huntington, NY (Sirius)
Both my partner and I listen to your show all the time and have been for several years. We have noticed recently that you have been getting very angry with the "cowards" that call and can't back up the claims they make about you or the subject at large, then hang up or say "gotta go". It's like a hit and run accident. We back you 101%. You should continue to get mad as hell at them with more verbal tantrums.

Raleigh, NC (Sirius)
The caller saying ALL PEOPLE IN THE ADMINISTRATION HATE THE MILITARY, obviously doesn't realize that Robert Gates is in the Administration, at least the last time I looked he was Secretary of Defense. He was pretty much ignorant as are a lot of the opposition to Mr. Obama and his administration.

Kansas City, MO (XM)
I have a bit of a bone to pick with you! You say 866-305-6887 SO much...Seriously it is all the time! It seems to have become your verbal pause and filler. What makes me angry (not actually angry but laughable angry) is when I was filling out my Out-of-Office Outlook message I typed out the OutQ number instead of my companies customer care number! You have the phone number stuck so far in my head that I can't get it out. The kicker is that I didn't realize I put the call-in number on my away message until my boss called my personal phone and was like "what the hell is this radio station you put on your away message?!" Blast you Mike! Good thing she caught it..(after 2 days). Anyway, the show is great and I very much enjoy the content. I wish we could see more of you on CNN or MSNBC.

Star City, AR (XM)
This show is one of the reasons that I have not yet canceled my XM subscription. The MSS is one of the few places that I can hear no-bullshit news about the LGBT community and not only that but Signorile is pro T* which is lacking from many white-gay males in the "gay media."

Denver, CO (XM)
Mike, I enjoy your show. But clearly you've crossed the line from journalist to commentator. I used to think you were fairly balanced but in the last 3 years you've moved completely to the role of instigator and dropped any semblance of impartiality. I first noticed it during the 2008 election cycle. Clearly you were supporting Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton. When Hillary would do something that was embarrassing to the Obama camp it was "Sleazy, scummy, vile, disgusting" but when Obama's camp would do something to embarrass Clinton it was "disingenuous, or silly". Go back and listen to the tapes. You have no journalistic integrity left, sir. And I am disappointed that you've continued to move from serious journalist to a parody of what was once a good show. Fortunately I've found Pete Dominick on Sirius XM's POTUS channel.

Jacksonville, FL (XM)
I love all the OutQ shows. It's so much fun to be inundated with Gay positivity while just driving to and from work. What I love most about your show in particular are the intense, in depth discussions.

Meade, KS (XM)
Michael, you make fun of serious people who write comments but I thought your discussion about the mosque at WTC was awful. How would you like it if a Catholic Church wanted to build a church where Matthew Shepard was murder and I don't even think that the murders were Catholic. Yes Not all Muslims are bad people just like not all Catholic people are bad people but building a church on scared ground that goes against everything that is scared about that ground is just wrong. You say you listen to your callers but you don't really. All you do is argue with them and try to make them look like idiots. Just because we don't agree with you doesn't make us idiots.

Ridgefield, CT (XM)
Michelangelo ROCKS! I love that he isn't afraid to be serious or to get into detail about news stories or political issues. I also love that he respectfully but assertively stands up to guests who strongly disagree with him and/or criticize him. I don't always agree with him myself (such as, recently, on immigration and pedophiles), but I still appreciate his articulateness and ability to present information in an engaging and educational way. He seems immune to fashion and the pressure to be "entertaining" (read: mindlessly pandering to the lowest common denominator and insulting the audience's intelligence) or the typical plastic, fake, numbingly middle-of-the-road talking head one sees pretty much everywhere else on TV, radio and the mainstream press. Love the stuff on environmental issues even tho it isn't specifically LGBT-oriented. No real suggestions or requests except "More of the same, please!"

St. Petersburg, FL (Sirius)
I'm glad you pronounce the letter "H" now or that you have at least made an effort to do so. The one positive thing to say is that you give us information and discussion we cannot find anywhere else and you do not let people get away without answering your questions. The one negative thing I would say is you sometimes drone on with excruciating detail over the minutia of a story leading to tangents that require breadcrumbs to once again find the original purpose of your comment(s). Love the show, warts and all.