Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Today on the Signorile Show

It literally came up to the last minute in Hawaii, where Republican Governor Linda Lingle invited both sides of the marriage equality fight to sit in while she made the announcement that she would be vetoing the Civil Unions Bill, which was approved by Hawaiian legislators in April. The decision has been responded to with outrage, and a lawsuit. We'll get into the details of this today.

In Day 79 of the BP Oil Gusher off the Gulf Coast, there is fighting going on with what to do with one of Louisiana's more fragile ecosystems, Barataria Bay. Local officials had been given the go ahead to build a rock barrier, but the Army Corp. of Engineer's is putting the kabash on the project after there has already been efforts to build. We'll go over what the two sides are arguing over today.

We've talked a lot about gays and lesbians becoming parents, but whether gay or straight are parents less happy, contrary to popular belief, than adults who choose not to have children? Some interesting and provocative studies say yes; we'll dig deeper and ask you to call in with your thoughts.

Guest / 4:30pm EST - In 2007, Jere Van Dyk, a journalist working for CBS News, had been green lighted to write a book about the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. But in February of 2008, he had become the second American journalist to be kidnapped in Pakistan, six years after Daniel Pearl. He joins us today to talk about his time and his new book, Captive: My Time As A Prisoner of the Taliban.

Late last year, the father of Sarah Palin's grandson, Levi Johnson, made headlines by appearing all over the airwaves and telling tales of the Palin household. He is now apologizing for his "youthful indiscretions," saying he said these things because he was unhappy with the breakup. Is this for real? What exactly did he say that was not true? We'll go over his "youthful indiscretions" today.

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