Sunday, July 04, 2010

Weekend Back Talk

Happy Independence Day. Hope you all have a great one. We're off Monday for the holiday, but back on the show on Tuesday. Here are some listener survey comments, some of which we read on the show last week. If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey, please scroll down on the right and click through. Thanks!

Heyward, CA (Sirius)
My partner and I find Mike very engaging, his liberal views and "connecting the dots" is a valuable tool in keeping the community aware and engaged. Keep up the great work...You give a great balance of news, opinion and fun, light commentary. We love hearing David, too!

Hugo, OK (Sirius)
Loved your talk about [the doctor who is] "curing" lesbianism before birth. It was very thought provoking. Also, however, listened to the piece on the spies and I was very bored. Didn't catch the interview until the end and it seemed like it didn't have anything to do with our community and our lives. I know you cover topics that interest you but I can get coverage of the spies on CNN; only on your show do I get coverage of the Doctor trying to make babies straight. Overall I enjoy the show but mainly because it covers LBGT issues that other shows, even liberal shows, don't cover. Thanks for a good job.

Lansing, MI (Sirius)
I love your show, but sometimes, you take FOREVER to state your thought or your next topic and you tend to repeat yourself.

Morristown, OH (Sirius)
It's a great show. I live in a rural area and it helps me feel more connected to the community. Thank you!

Winter Garden, FL (Sirius)
Okay Michelangelo, you brought it up again and I just have to say I am so disappointed you won't disclose who you voted for in the 2008 democratic primary. that will forever be a thorny subject and always in the back of my mind (especially since later in 2008 you were saying you didn't remember... which I didn't believe). all of us that called in had to say who we voted for and why (I voted for Hillary and still feel she would have been a better president but we will never know). Own up to the fact that you voted for Obama. there is no other reason for you to hide other than the fact you are obviously ashamed to admit it. On a different note, I do enjoy how you have changed the Friday format to do the awards. I often don't care for you reading these surveys however and think you should just use them for you and your staff as a learning tool. How about an open forum where callers can call in and suggest topics for that time period? anyway, I do love your show but wish you would finally just own up to who you voted for!!!!!

Durham, NC (Sirius)
The show is intelligent, entertaining, and thought provoking. I can honestly say that I have never turned it off because I was bored or uninterested in a topic.

Bristow, VA (Sirius)
Please give guests that you disagree with the chance to make their "case". More often than not they will sink their own ship with what they have to say.Once they finish inserting foot into mouth then blast them with your well thought criticism.I would also like to hear some more of the lighter side of things on occasion. We all need a little levity. On a more serious note: Your coverage of the gulf disaster has been excellent. This story may turn out to be the story of the century and lead to the ultimate demise of our species.

Caledonia MI (Sirius)
I like that Michelangelo isn't afraid of ruffling anyone's feathers. He says it how it is and if people don't like it, too bad!

Las Vegas, NV (Sirius)
I want to thank you so much for providing the critical commentary on such sensitive issues. Sometimes I get extremely angry, and other times I just find that I need to continue the conversation with my wife or friends after the show is over. I often find myself contributing to the conversation while I am driving. Your show provides us the opportunities to discuss pertinent issues and flush out news stories, and I want to thank you for providing our community with your fantastic show.