Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today on the Signorile Show

More details emerge on the budget deal, and it's worse than we thought -- as the President now plans to release a deficit reduction plan, making progressives even more nervous. Fukushima is now officially at the number 7, the Chernobyl rating. What does it mean?Michele Bachmann in Iowa laid out her agenda with a full-scale assault on gays -- and with lots of distortions about DOMA and the history of marriage between people of the same sex. We'll fact-check her. And we'll take your calls. NATO is under attack -- from France and Britain for not moving more forcefully against Quaddafi, while many are wondering if Libya is a new U.S. quagmire. J.Crew comes under fire showing a mom who paints her boy's toenails pink, because it's his favorite color, as religious zealots claim they're pushing gender confusion and transgenderism. We'll take your calls!

Guest / 3:30pm EST - Next Thursday, April 21, Joey Arias is headlining the famous Town Hall Theater in New York City. The show is slated to be an evening filled with, "music, humor, and a little bit of scandal." The scandalous Joey Arias joins us today in studio to talk about Joey Arias: Live At Town Hall!

Guest / 4:30pm EST - A few weeks ago, veteran hip hop producer and DJ at New Yorks Hot 97, Mister Cee, was arrested for misdemeanor public lewdness and indecent exposure, accused of performing a sex act with a 20-year-old male in a car. This has sent shock waves throughout the hip hop community, with some DJ's making homophobic criticisms about Mister Cee. But 50 Cent, who has been very controversial in the past, is coming out in his defense, and saying that being anti-gay in hip hop doesn't pay. Kenyon Farrow, who has written about the controversy in his article, 50 Cent's New Pocketbook Value: Anti-Gay Won't Pay, Even For Hip Hop, join us to talk about it.

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