Friday, April 15, 2011

Today on the Signorile Show

Guest / 2:30pm EST - Rhode Island is one of several states this year expected to vote on marriage equality, which is supported by it's newest Governor, Lincon Chafee(I). Some think that it may not pass this year, due to a lack of support in the House and Senate. Stephen Beale, who has been following the debate for GoLocalProv, joins us this afternoon to talk about where marriage equality stands in Rhode Island.

Guest / 3:30pm EST - Urbanization is changing the way we live in the 21st century, with more people living in cities than in rural areas. How is this shift effecting the population as we move from agriculture to city life? Douglas Saunders, author of Arrival City: How The Largest Migration In History Is Reshaping Our World, joins us today to explain.

Guest / 4:30pm EST - Last week, we spoke with Louis Marinelli, who had worked with the National Organization For Marriage for five years, helping to organize last years "Summer Of Marriage Tour." In a dramatic 180, he has now come out in support of marriage equality and has been letting the community know some of the harmful tactics NOM's used to push their agenda. He returns today to discuss these tactics as well as some of the legal threats he's received from NOM.

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