Friday, July 18, 2008

Arrived in Austin

Our producer David Guggenheim and I just arrived in Austin for Netroots Nation, where we'll do some remote interviews and just get a chance to meet with a lot of the great guests we often bring on the show. We'll be here for a couple of days so I'll be posting lightly. We are of course back on the show on Monday after a week off and then a weekend here in Austin, so we'll have lots to talk about.

Right now am watching former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, being interview by Air America's Sam Seder. They are discussing Karl Rove and his refusal to testify about Siegelman's wrongful prosecution, and Siegelman called on both Barack Obama and John McCain to publicly speak out and push to see justice done. Tomorrow Nancy Pelosi will speak here and take questions, and undoubtedly this is going to come up. How far the Democrats will go in bringing Rove to justice remains to be seen, even if John Conyers and others on the Judiciary Committee are being very vocal right now.

Earlier at a panel former counter-terrorism adviser Richard Clarke and other panelists said that bringing former members of he administration, including Bush and Cheney, to justice would be a media circus and would seem politically-motivated and thus they advised against it. The questioners weren't having it, and several are bringing it up again now. A lot of Democrats, just as with the FISA bill telecom immunity, are going to want to sweep all the administration's crimes under the rug.