Thursday, July 17, 2008

Satan Cartoons a New Tactic

You thought you'd seen everything when it comes to homophobic politicians pushing antigay propaganda on the public. Well, Towleroad has the low down -- complete with some sample illustrations -- on Brent Rhinehart, an Oklahoma County Commissioner who is putting out a 16-page reelection comic book filled with hateful homophobic bile. According to The Oklahoman, Rhinehart is very proud of the campaign, which he created:

"In one sequence, Satan says: 'If I can get the kids to believe homosexuality is normal!' The angel replies: 'Hey Satan, not with Brent around you won't!' Rinehart said he doesn't think the depiction is inappropriate and that he is proud of the comic. 'The history of my office is that I do expose the homosexual agenda, and that it does exist in the state of Oklahoma, and my history also would show that I am very much opposed to the homosexual agenda,' Rinehart said. Rinehart said he spent two months writing the comic."

Two months writing the comic book! Meanwhile, gas prices are out of control and a housing crisis is exploding across the country and in Oklahoma, all while the country is at war. How on earth do people vote for dangerous crackpots like this, you may wonder? In fact, it's in these hard times when gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender people, immigrants, people of color and outher "outsiders" become the scapegoats even more, allowing people to blame their problems on others, led by people like Rhinehart who point the fingers and take their votes.