Wednesday, July 23, 2008

McCain Brain Drain Covered Up By CBS

We'll be getting into all of this on the show today. You'll recall John McCain's potentially dangerous confusion over Al-Qaida and Shiites earlier this year.

And even though Czechoslovakia hasn't existed for 15 years, he has been erroneously referring to it a lot lately. As you can see here, trying to explain why he's been doing so is quite embarrassing for us to watch.

So when McCain got some crucial info about the surge wrong in a CBS interview yesterday (his surge, the surge he's an expert on) we weren't really shocked.

What is shocking is that CBS didn't air that part of the interview.

Speaking to Katie Couric, McCain claimed the surge allowed the "Anbar Awakening" in which Sunni sheiks turned against Al Qaeda, helping in turn to reduce violence in the country. In reality it's agreed the opposite is true and the reduction in violence started before the surge.

Curiously, when the interview was played, Couric's question was posed, and part of McCain's answer to another question followed.

This comes a day after McCain cried media bias when the New York Times refused to print his op-ed rebuttal to an Obama piece on Iraq -- and a day after the McCain camp released a mock video of their perceived love affair between the media and Obama.

For a man who says he knows nothing about the economy, and then has Phil Gramm make up the difference, it's nice to know that the "biased media" (according to McCain's camp) is there to fill in the holes on foreign affairs.