Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday Night in Denver

We were up in the Sirius skybox last night for Hillary Clinton's speech, watching the entire arena become electrified by her remarks. It is not an exaggeration to say it was the best speech she's given, at least in this entire process: She passionately got behind Obama; took on Bush/McCain forcefully; thanked her supporters and gave them what they needed to make the transition to Obama; and she did it all with a lot of humor and warmth.

It was a much-needed speech because last night was very uneven. Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts was forceful, as was Gov. Brian Schweizter of Montana. But the keynote speech by former Virgina Gov. Mark Warner was a bomb -- dull and lacking any bite, and there were too many like that. It felt like just when the passion got rolling in room, the air just got sucked out.

Open lesbian Tammy Baldwin spoke shortly after the tribute to the Senate women (which was led by closeted lesbian Sen. Barbara Mikulski, who I've sure been hoping to run into again; more on that later.) I caught up with Congresswoman Baldwin later on, and interviewed her for the show - we'll air it today. She had a lot to say about the new LGBT Caucus in Congress and what they're doing.

Baldwin co-hosted a luncheon, with Barney Frank and the Human Rights Campaign and Victory Fund, and Michelle Obama made a surprise visit that wowed the crowd. We'll be playing her speech -- all about gay equality -- on the show today. From what I gathered from interviewing people last night, the appearance and the speech went a long way toward getting a lot of LGBT Clinton supporters to get behind Obama. I also spoke with a bunch of other people on the floor last night: former California Gov. Gray Davis, former Clinton press secretary Dee Dee Myers (on the Clintons' and future) and other politicians and activists. We'll play it all on the show today.

I have more to post but have to get going for now -- I'm going to a doctor who runs the Voice Center of Colorado, to get my throat checked. Still not good after a night's sleep, but hoping he can give me a steroid -- several listeners called in to suggest this yesterday on the show -- so that I can have my voice back for today. I'll keep you posted.