Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Also on Today's Show

I had a fascinating discussion with a Texas delegate that I think encapsulates why these people are here and are still part of this party. I will play that. I also roamed the floor with a mic last night making observations about the entire event on day one and we're going to broadcast that as well. Don't forget I also have an interview with a member of Sarah Palin's cabinet, Annette Kreitzer, who noted that Palin is not in favor of giving gays any rights -- including domestic partnership rights. We will play that too. Of course, since we're broadcasting live from Radio Row at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, people will be sitting down and chatting with us, and of course the phones will be ringing with all of your comments, so we may not get to some of the taped interviews and I can't give a time frame. But we will get to everything by the end of the week. Listen in today let me know your thoughts.

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